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Life Coaching Services

Empowering You to Achieve Personal and Professional Success

Showing Care

Trauma Informed Care

What is Trauma? 

Trauma is an experience, an event, or a visceral memory of something that has happened in your life that is challenging to digest, sense, feel, make sense out of, or is aberrant to the general, human experience.  

Our general human experience, by design, is loving, compassionate, nurturing, supportive, joyful, inspiring, uplifting, safe and grounded, in the sense that trust in the world around you is an essential part of our human experience.   It's not that events in living don't bring uncomfortable feelings, and moments of instability.  Most of our traumatic experiences happen before we are able to perceive the meaning, the suddenness, the way that the trauma unfolds in the cells and nervous system of the body, and the feeling that the world has gone upside down, or somehow the perception of the world has become smaller and darker.

With Trauma Informed Care, my intention is to help you change the language of trauma, move the energy out of your body by using techniques of movement, expressive arts, drawing, poetry, singing and recognizing all the learning that trauma can also teach us on our unique voyager journey

Life Purpose Coaching can have a tremendous impact and act as an awakening to your true path of destiny combined with tapping into your unique gifts and talents.  A life coach can assist you in aligning passion, purpose with goals, plans and ways of measuring your desired path.


Schedule an energy session when you want clarity, relaxation, deep healing, a profound understanding of your life patterns, uncovering significant insights that help you on your path, change habits, awaken to how you are a part of a whole bio-system, learn how your energies work with your life partner, coworkers, siblings, children and your ultimate lessons to learn and purpose for being. Sessions can also be scheduled with your animal if he/she is injured, or is experiencing behavioral issues.  Energy sessions can be a part of the personal counseling session.

Reiki Healing

Clearing Negative Patterns 

Energy Testing Vibrational 

Healing With Color

In the last 20 years the field of energy psychology, that includes the scientific study of Reiki, energy healing, energy medicine and epigenetics,as well as many other disciplines has produced amazing peer-reviewed results that clearly reflect consistent claims of success.  In one study, in particular, rats who received Reiki (that were in cages near noxious sounds) reduced the release of cortisol (stress hormone) when compared to rates receiving no Reiki/sham Reiki. Energy consulting is a way to thoroughly experience and open awareness to a quantum reality.

Personal Counseling Services

Nurturing Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-being


Personal counseling is a wonderful, private, confidential service that allows you the freedom to explore your world within a non-judgmental space with an authentic, caring listener

The core ingredients to look for when exploring counselors is trust, respect for your view of your world, non-judgment, authenticity, and positive regard for all that you are and how you came to arrive at this point in your life.  When I work with a client, I am not seeing you as a "disorder" or less than, or fragmented or broken in any way. 

We all walk the same path at one time or another and with Get Centered Counseling you are seen as a whole, dynamic person who is having a life experience and are seeking tools to assist you in resolving the issues so that you can embrace balance, peace and fulfillment within all your relationships.

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