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Trauma Informed Care

What is Trauma?  Trauma is an experience, an event, or a visceral memory of something that has happened in your life that is challenging to digest, sense, feel, make sense out of, or is aberrant to the general, human experience.   Our general, human experience, by design is loving, compassionate, nurturing, supportive, joyful, inspiring, uplifting, safe and grounded, in the sense, that trust in the world around you is an essential part of our human experience.   It's not that events in living don't bring uncomfortable feelings, and moments of instability.  It's that most of our traumatic experiences happen before we are able to perceive the meaning, the suddenness, the way that the trauma unfolds in the cells and nervous system of the body, and the feeling that the world has gone upside down, or somehow the perception of the world has become smaller and darker. 

With Trauma Informed Care, my intention is to help you change the language of trauma, move the energy out of your body by using techniques of movement, expressive arts, drawing, poetry, singing and recognizing all the learning that trauma can also teach us on our unique voyager journey

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


Life Purpose Coaching can have a tremedous impacet and act as an awakening to your true path of destiny combined with tapping into your unique gifts and taletns.  A life coach can assist you in aligning passion, purpose with goals, plans and ways of measuring your desired path.

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