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Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is a wonderful, private, confidential service that allows you the freedom to explore your world within a non-judgmental space with an authentic, caring listener





The core ingredients to look for when exploring counselors is trust, respect for your view of your world, non-judgment, authenticity, and positive regard for all that you are and how you came to arrive at this point in your life.  When I work with a client, I am not seeing you as a "disorder" or less than, or fragmented or broken in any way.  We all walk the same path at one time or another and with Get Centered your are seen as a whole, dynamic person who is having a life experience and are seeking tools to assist you in resolving the issues so that you can embrace balance, peace and fulfillment within all your relationships. 

The general rate for a counseling session is !25.00 (initial) and $100, thereafter.  I accept most insurances and will work with you on understanding your benefits. Insurance companies often charge a co-pay and have established deductibles, so please examine your policy.  Some individuals may also choose to self-pay.  I will honor whatever your choice may be. Counseling for any issue, such as, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, disordered eating, family conflict, marital strife, etc. are all available. In general, all conditions are a by-product of our state of mind, and almost always a reflection of a belief one is carrying that is not in line with the true self. Furthermore, it is common to experience emotions that become trapped in the energy field that require some release.  Returning to holism (a balanced physical, emotiona, mental, spiritual body) is the aim of all counseling.

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