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Personal Counseling Services

Nurturing Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-being

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is a wonderful, private, confidential service that allows you the freedom to explore your world within a non-judgmental space with an authentic, caring listener

The core ingredients to look for when exploring counselors is trust, respect for your view of your world, non-judgment, authenticity, and positive regard for all that you are and how you came to arrive at this point in your life.  When I work with a client, I am not seeing you as a "disorder" or less than, or fragmented or broken in any way. 

We all walk the same path at one time or another and with Get Centered Counseling you are seen as a whole, dynamic person who is having a life experience and are seeking tools to assist you in resolving the issues so that you can embrace balance, peace and fulfillment within all your relationships.





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