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   Emotional/Mental Clarity  Pain Relief   Stress Reduction,

   Peace and Harmony   Overcoming Chronic Fatigue   Enhanced Well-Being   Awareness    Removing Blocks     Accelerate Healing  Healing Animals


Schedule an energy session when you want clarity, relaxation, deep healing, a profound understanding of your life patterns, uncovering significant insights that help you on your path, change habits, awaken to how you are a part of a whole bio-system, learn how your energies work with your life partner, coworkers, siblings, children and your ultimate lessons to learn and purpose for being. Sessions can also be scheduled with your animal if he/she is injured, or is experiencing behavioral issues.  Energy sessions can be a part of the personal counseling session. 


 Energy consulting is a science and a gathering of ancient wisdom from cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. See for more information. 

Reiki Healing

Clearing Negative Patterns

Energy Testing

Vibrational Healing With Color

In rhe last 20 years the field of energy psychology, that includes the scientific study of Reiki, energy healing, energy medicine and epigenetics,as well as many other disciplines has produced amazing peer-reviewed results that clearly reflect consistent claims of success.  In one study, in parituclar, rats who received Reiki (that were in cages near noxious sounds) reduced the relase of cortisol (stress hormone) when compared to rates receiving no Reiki/sham Reiki. Energy consulting is a way to thoroughly experience and open awareness to a quantum reality. 

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