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Your belief and perspective are your reality!

How do I go from where I am to what I want? First, we want to explore the belief systems and frequency you hold (your general emotional aptitude) that got you where you are.

  1. Know what you believe is true, and ask questions about why you believe it is true. For example, if you believe that the world around you is generous and harmonious than why do you believe this? For example, I am notorious for seeing the good in humanity, and my actions reflect this by not locking doors and windows, keeping my car window half way down (many rainy encounters on that one), but in general, I see that humans at our basic core are helpful and friendly. Have all my experiences shown me that? No, of course not. People have lied, stolen, and displayed manipulative strategies to gain something from me, so I have lots of reasons to hold people in contempt, however, I still choose to see humanity operating at higher frequencies, and that's it.

  2. Now, ask yourself on the negative spectrum why you also believe other statements may hold some truth, but the evidence doesn't support that belief. For instance, I must keep emotionally distant from my partner because sooner or later he/she will leave me. Where did this idea come from? Personal experience? How many times have you felt a strong emotional attachment an the person let you down through dismissal, or physically ending the relationship? Well, maybe it did happen once or twice, but withholding emotional closeness will not help with the person staying, right? And, it's not the primary reason someone broke off the connection.

  3. The key is to find alignment In other words, you want your values and actions to match up. Your beliefs can only leave your imagination when fully aligned with the conscious and unconscious mind. A great example is the scamdemic...I just can't call it anything else. What if you knew that the entire operation was planned way in advance, had underpinnings in genocide, and was aimed to depopulate, maim, an create turbo cancers in a vast number of the population, including our precious youth. What would you do? Would you stay silent, and just watch? Would you wear a mask so that you can be socially appropriate, an would accept an experimental biological weapon (by definition it is not a vaccine) into your body to stop an invisible germ (never proven to exist) from transmitting said disease all around you home, town, store, etc.? If you value your immune system (your belief) and know that we arrived in this density with all that we need for the journey, then of course, you would scoff at the whole psyop an warn as many as you can to realize the narrative isn't real. If you believe that your immune system has been compromised from so many variants, and that transmission is real, you will follow the protocols to create a safe and effective world. That's my shout out to be discerning and mindful of nefarious narratives, which brings us to inner knowing.

  4. Inner knowing is a system inherent to the human experience. We should know a scam when we see it, or more importantly feel it. Yet, so many ill fating plots have been designed to capture and destroy the freedoms we thought we had, and were rightly "given" as our birthrate. In spite of our seemingly trusting nature, we have allowed much of our government (currently captured) to determine our actions, including how much we are taxed, with zero say in where our dollars are going. We have allowed our military to have a presence in over 22 countries currently, standing guard over activities that our government has been engaging in, with no interest in our safety, security or freedoms at all. Yet, we beleive in the government like a benevolent grandfather telling us a wartime hero story. I would submit that in order for inner knowing to be activated we must discern the difference between a simple truth and lie.

  5. Have you ever been deceived, or have you ever deceived another? Oh, you know, the I was late because, or I really wanted to be there, but my cat threw up, or honestly, I"m telling you the truth, I didn't know what you shared was confidential. We live in. a trusting world, with wide eyes of the skeptic, yet we are the last to realize that we've been duped in a job, a relationship, or a bad car, a lethal injection, and all vaccines cause know, how did we miss this? I'll tell you how. Brainwashing

  6. Brainwashing, that's how. We are all under the guise of apple pie and baseball, and country that has built the ideals around freedom, and freedom of expression. However, when we review past history, the one outstanding case study is the murder of JFK. Even now 60 years later, we're still supposed to believe there was a magic bullet, and that Oswald acted alone from a high story building, not so far away. Our belief in what we're told, especially from scientists, and our newsfeed, used to be reliable, and perhaps science, has not been so easy to see through. Manipulation of the science throughout most of our history has been compromised, and we are fed stories that dismantle the real truths. And, we have lost our capacity to think critically, to assess our environment, and to visualize and sense the world in which we want to encounter..

  7. Visualization, imagination as fact, is a powerful way to assess beliefs and values, which then determine the structure of reality for which you inhabit. For example, if you value material wealth, but you believe that having money is a bad thing, then you will either sabotage wealth, work below youo welath potential, or arrange your beliefs to match a wealth reality.

  8. How to deal with the external world. One theory is that it is a world that just recylces itself, and we've all live these timelines before, or are coexisting in the eternal now. Within that theory is the idea that we can quantum leap off the timeline through stages of awareness, or moving up the scale of dense to less dense. As we move our energy lighter and brighter we can see the timeline without judgment, and keep moving it to a brighter scale. Another timeline is that we have been on a collision course, also occuring in cycles, but this time around a cycle ends, and a new one begins. In this reality, timelines split, as the frequencies of the people on the planet or plane of existence are so far removed from each other's experience, that two worlds exist within the one. This idea is that we live in a verse, or multiverse of dimensional realities. Of course, an alternative view is that consciousness is reality pushed out. Our collective minds create reality from either love or fear. As we are witnessing, fear seems to be prevalent, primarily because we have leaned into the energy of obedience suppressing our own authorship. The trick is to practice methods of inner knowing, activating intuition by sensing and feeling situations as they are occurring. This heightened state allows us to understand the intricate nature of the inner and outer world.

  9. Pay attention to the pulse of the outer world, and your own belief and value system, and compare those realities. What do you align with, and what feels off to you. Allow yourself to follow leads, read books, articles, listen to music that your resonate with, and this will also help you attract the people, places and situations that will also assist you on this reality journey

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