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What it's like: Can't we just get along?

Updated: Mar 18

We've all seen a man at the liquor store beggin' for your change

The hair on his face is dirty, dreadlocked and full of mange

He asks a man for what he could spare with shame in his eyes

One of the major aspects of our human experience is the capacity to hold space for any being that is experiencing some form of suffering. That suffering can include dire economic downturn, like loss of a job, or loss of a home through a natural disaster, or anything that disrupts, and abruptly changes that person's ability to care for her or himself, and family. We also have physical pain, loss of a loved one, a sudden onset of illness, or even a malaise that forms depression and the feelings of worthlessness and value.

We also show up for injured, lost or missing animals. How many people have gathered to help an injured stray animal on the roadside back to safety? The film, "Sound of Freedom" chronicles the saviors of the child trafficking industry, the horrors that follow a missing child. It's a part of our frequency, when rightfully aligned to care, to show up and to be on the path of caring and compassion. In fact, a saying I read recently said, "there is no path, you are the path." I would agree. Let's though take a deeper dive into this idea of separation, equanimity, political and medical division, and fence building.

The common thread is judging the world and all it's players from a place of wrongness or rightness. I should say that there is certainly a built in morality to nature, and we being a part of nature, must abide by natural laws. The natural laws are as follows: 1. You exist, or the I AM component. This means that once you are a living sentient being, you will always will take some form of expression forever. The body dies off, but the soul is forever. 2. What is in the One, is in the All, and what is in the All is in the One. There is an inseparable joining of being with the Creator force. However, one chooses to see the force of the Divine, a loving God, a universal intelligence, a loving benefactor, etc. 3. You get back what you put in. If you give well, you receive well. There is a reciprocity and a balance sheet that comes with our actions. This can also be viewed as the law of consequences. No reaction comes without an action. 4. The only constant is change, except for the first 3.

The other laws that govern our behavior are constructed by human design. Many, such as what you might read in the Bible, are laws of rightness and wrongness, and are referred to as commandments. However, most of these, I would argue still fall under natural law, especially ,you get at the level you give. For example, if someone steals something from you, then the natural consequence is that something will be taken from that person. It's not really about justice, just the balance of karma. Karma means, in my view, the law of consequence, or the idea that you get to experience the opposite effect of your actions. This way all suffering is equalized. We know how it feels to be rich, poor, hungry, full, as well as the victim, the bully and the rescuer. We play all parts of the play.

Our ascension or frequency shift is based on this awareness that we can identify with all parts of the human experience, and since we have always existed upon our original incarnation then it stands to reason we have lived a multitude of earthly experiences.

This potential common linkage creates a deep understanding of our ancestral history, and the joys and sorrows of each incarnation. Therefore, in my estimation the separation that people feel between each other is contrived from either a direct negative experience, or influenced through a false narrative. It's also true that one hears something enough times, he/she often sees it as true, in spite of an opposite direct experience.

In our natural state we are, for the most part, a loving, caring and helpful group of people. Something has happened along the way. Some may theorize that an unnatural energy has befallen our plane of existence. If you want to do some research, look at all things the events, decisions, and declarations that occurred in 1871. It's possible that our natural state began to erode after this time. In recent years, perhaps since WW!!, we have been heavily indoctrinated to accept science as true and we think it gives us a solid explanation for behavior, wars, finance, government, family, procreation, education, et al, that we don't question. It has created a fracture in the human spirit, an unnatural division between self and other, and has charged emotions of fear, anger, and guilt for just being. We actually do get along, and like many of you, enjoy neighborhoods, family, community and establishing methods of cohesion in our natural world

In summary, let's keep refreshing ourselves, being careful to discern the lies that propagated to get us to believe we must hate someone for whatever reason. No one has to embrace, support and reinforce many of these indoctrinated themes such as children choosing to identify as a "they," or suddenly have an affinity for a sexual preference at 8 years of age. Stand up for anything you believe is harming people you care about. Stand up for our freedom and health rights. Learn the art of deception, and keep tuned in to your intuitive nature. It's actually quite reliable. Keep earnest and honest in your appreciation of mankind, animals, and all that suffer. We can identify and feel this deeply. Always seek to understand before being understood, and keep the light bright in your aura so others may find you.

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