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The I AM Divine Mind

In this lifetime many minds are awakening to the truth

That our reality is created by our thought and emotions

Our understanding of the true nature of illness and disease is now in a quantum shift

We now know disease can become trapped by emotions of fear, anger, and self criticism

Causing a change of reaction in the bio-field, ultimately building density into matter

What matters is our hearts and seat of compassion resting in our solar plexus

All of this to tell us that the destiny and fate of humankind lives within our consciousness

That which connects us all to the One, and the One to the All

Any changes we wish to see in the world springs from raising our vibration so that we can see this Oneness reflected in our reality

War reality comes from inner conflict, fear of scarcity, and out of control egos

It is a master slave relationship with the universe teaching us that we cannot serve two masters

The universal mind is all, and attachments we connect to it are irrelevant. It just is.

All our shadow archetypes comes from standing in the way of the light. We cast shadows when we block the light.

Forgive those who live in the shadow of fear, they do no know the light is all around them

We will learn to let go of expectations

We will embrace every moment with awe and reverence knowing that each moment determines the next

We are detached observers and dwell in eternal life trusting the unfolding of our individual and collective dreams.

We have entered a time in which truth is the prime focus of humanity

Live in your truth, respect where others are on the journey

Because the truth and reconciliation sets us free

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