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The function of thoughts on reality: games without frontiers

I have heard like an old song playing in my head that our thoughts are reality. And, at the same time, people want to know what's going to happen next in this seemingly chaotic world of wars, plandemics, financial crises, housing limitations, an escalation of substance abuse, and suicide. Not to mention illegals crossing the borders, a government that has been hijacked, or and our constitution under severe threat to our freedoms

The good news is that we didn't specify how reality ought to appear, reality reflects, the turbulence within. The idea that our DNA can affect the plasma structure of the universe may seem preposterous, however, many studies that show that an isolated strand of DNA, separated from the donor of DNA, responds to the human experience of emotions, even if hundreds of miles away. In other words, our capacity to express not just thoughts (why does my life seem out of control), but the feeling nature of our human experience shows us that we do indeed push out our inner self to the outer world.

In another study, two people who are connected through marriage, or a long term relationship, are separated in different rooms. One is given a series of pictures to look at evoking different emotions,, and the partner , not looking at any pictures, but just sitting in a separate chamber, writes down what he or she is feeling when prompted. Again, the same thing shows up. If one person calibrates a feeling of fear, anger, compassion, grief, gratitude, etc., the other person is also accurately feelings these states of emotions.

What I often consider is that we are frequency beings and that our bio-field or chakra, resonate a vibration that is recognizable through an invisible field, or what some may call the plasma field. In this field, we can understand each other, and we connect through vibration. Just as hummingbirds find a feeder through the sense of sugar, and they all show up, we find each other through this field that is the same colors that we see in any rainbow.

For instance, many people in the field of healing, especially those that use their hands in healing, often emit a blue-green ray around them. This represents a field of service to repair the body, and mind. I would consider these fields to also change our reality. It has been said that when people gather anc concentrate on compassion, that winds slow down, heavy rains come to a halt, and crime decreases.

These are all great examples of how powerful we are, and we don't have to scream, yell, threaten, or choose violence and aggression to get our way.

The way of war is such that it speaks to our inner conflicts, our sense of suppression, oppression, and ultimately or misalignment with the source of life itself. This disconnection with the ALL that is has been systematically hijacked intentionally so that we lose our way. Cutting people off from nature, building smart cities, and using bioweapons to cull the herd toward obedience, dumbing down people through tik tok, digital dosing on meaningless media and arranged TV that worships Disney characters, and criminals. Distraction from the higher sources of vibrational energy of our emotional fields of joy, compassion, and love, and downgrading these fields to anger, dividing hearts and minds from reach other via fake media. We have to remember who benefits from low morality illegal actions, hero worshipping, cult division

of leaders, and many families not talking or visiting each other.

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