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On the road to find out....4th density and beyond

Paying attention to the rapid changes within our environment is the pushing up from our 3rd density existence. 3rd density is the frequency of learning about the self in relation to the larger whole. We have been operating at this level of consciousness for thousands of years. Even though, it has been a relatively short duration per se, it is also one of the most challenging vibrations we have to navigate.

Can't you feel the chaos, the loosening of old beliefs, the out of pace speed in which our environment is delivering the message of, "gonna be late, late for an important date?" Can't you feel the Earth speak? The animals (mostly 2nd density beings) are preparing for a 3rd density transition, and humans are moving into 4th and many are already operating from much higher densities. We need all the help we can get, right?

Let me walk you through the consciousness of densities first, and then we will spend time talking specifically about where we are, where we are going, and the specific key ways to know where you are on that continuum.

Densities are the manifestation of creation. A density is the substance that generates into a form from the love/light frequency. Consciousness in its pure from is energy. You are energy that has been condensed into a physical form for the primary purpose of knowing your being as a "self." The Earth itself has a density, which is shifting, and as many of you are learning, the environment is requiring us to change our vibration to adapt to the change in frequency. For some, this is a painful experience...more on this later...but there are key ways to lighten up, so to speak,so that you are not out of alignment with the frequency involved in moving from 3rd to 4th density.

The purpose of each consciousness density is to reflect back to source energy an aspect of itself. Everything gets to see itself in one way or another. The reflection serves as point of awakening to desire more awareness. It is simply a law. When something exists, it always exists. It only changes form based on how quickly it wants to move toward more awareness. So, with first density, we are talking about rocks, water, winds...the elements. The elements work together to explore itself, however in first density there is no self reflection. It's all about being and exploring itself. The consciousness involved in first density can occur for millions of years, and it is cyclical in nature.

When we move upward toward 2nd density, then mostly we are speaking of trees, plants and minerals. At this state of consciousness there is a greater awareness of being in relation with another. Trees are in relation to soil, water and other species, such as wolves, squirrels and birds. In second density, there is a shared group identity, very little about an individual separation (except for our animal companions), but for the most part consciousness builds relationships with other beings. There is a sense of community, collaboration and knowing that consciousness offers an experience for even more awareness.

Also, in second density, especially the later stages when we see 3rd density interaction, then consciousness wakes up even more to the awareness of an individual self. Think of hierarchy and pack mentality, survival within a group, roles and assigned behaviors to group members'. For example, coyote packs establish an alpha leader, who is the best hunter, who covers the den, who is on the look out for predators, and even greater stages of second consciousness involve our pets. When you have a dog, cat, horse, pig take up residence with you, then they are merging gradually toward a 3rd density being because they choose a human interaction to reflect. They still see themselves as a part of a collective species, a group consciousness, but slowly begin to individuate as a separate self. This is why for many of you, you have an interest in wanting to talk to your animals, because they literally are talking to you telepathically all the time. They like that they have names, go places with you, or sit in silence. They are reflecting on their experience, while understanding there is something beyond instinct that involves relationship.

I have discovered this on a few encounters with my daughter's siberian huskies (as close to a wolf as our dogs can be), and observed that when encountering a coyote, that there is almost no outward sign that they share a species identity. However, the huskies seem to know not to kill or eat a coyote, there is some respect or mutual understanding that we are like-minded beings.

Consciousness within each density seems to have a waking up period often triggered through the frequency of the environment. It has to push up against itself in order to move again. From second to third density, we primarily move from a lower instinctual shared identity to the "I AM" presence.

We have been 3rd density beings for quite some time, even though, it is by far the shortest duration within the development of consciousness. In 3rd density we develop a self-conscious. We are conscious of the separate self in relation to the larger whole. We often don't realize there is anything outside our singular self. This is where polarity and contrasting views are most prevalent. "I am this, you are that." In 3rd density, beings think for themselves, and the most significant choice we encounter is whether to live in service of the self (exploring the self), or in service to others (recognizing that sharing joy, passion, compassion and generosity). There is no right or wrong here, both are allowed in 3rd density. Learning to love, give out, receive and see the greater whole occur in the later stages of 3rd density. Also, in 3rd density, because beings feel separate from the unified whole (source energy, creation, or the god-self), then one can wonder around with a private thought or behavior that doesn't get recognized by the shared group. Again, the later shifts (we are in one now), this begins to loosed as each individual begins to self-realize that thoughts are energy, and thoughts and energy affect the whole consciousness and expresses itself by affecting matter, or the over all density of the planet. This can be seen in conflicts, wars, etc.

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