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Healer heal thyself: How the medical cartel created the disease model and what you can do about it

One of the best books that really details the unfolding narrative of how we got ourselves so disconnected from our bodies and the ability to discern what is good for us becomes very clear in "The Invisible Rainbow." The author unravels the history of friction, or electricity, and health related issues. In short, many of our current models of dis-ease are generated (pardon the pun) from electromagnetic frequencies. Friction developed in 1745, and has evolved to networks of wavelengths that appear to effect the wiring of our bodies. In "Invisible Rainbow," we learn about the correlational relationships in populated, high electric areas with diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancers, and general cardiovascular health. Compared to rural areas, or populations that are more self-reliant, we don't see these type of diseases.

In addition to the discovery of how electro magnetic fields, and friction fields operate, it is no wonder that disease, paired with types of emotional stress didn't create the catalyst of disease. Underscoring the rainblow effect, is the idea that certain subgroups of the population, namely those wealthy bankers, early scientists, and educational leaders interested in promoting a selective breeding, and human engineering system.

U.S. Scientists' Role in the Eugenics Movement (1907–1939): A Contemporary Biologist's Perspective

It was Francis Galton, a cousin of Darwin, who coined the term "eugenics" in 1883, while advocating that society should promote the marriage of what he felt were the fittest individuals , even providing monetary incentives to do so. Shortly thereafter, certain intellectual and political leaders such as Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, William Gates Sr. (yes Bill Gates's father), Margaret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson, and others, believed and accepted the idea that modern societies should promote improvements of the human race through various purposeful government programs. These programs, in effect, would sterilize, promote selective breeding, and extinguish populations that were undesirable, or too many of. (Farber, 2008)

Take this idea of eugenics, pair it with the electric field, and now add the medical model, and unchanging, fixed model that suggests disease is normal, aging is decline, and the genetics determine physical health outcomes, and mental health outcomes, a completely set of mythological beliefs paving the way of capturing, enslaving, and starving the public financially.

In the book: "Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America," a formidable history of how oil giants like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and John Hopkins established dominance in medicine. They essentially shut down alternative medicine, which was natural medicine in 1910, closing the doors of herbs, massage, natural healing, chiropractic clinics, and naturopathic health, to a demonized model where all things became the same political and social movement, based on a disease oriented model. In addition to dominating the medicine movement, they established what we refer to today as the American Medical Association. This association promotes "disease management" primarily through the relief of symptoms via drugs. Therefore, pharmaceutical industries boast a fortune of profit from convincing people that they, are in a sense, helpless victims to disease circumstance. ( Brown, 1979)

Keeping this history in mind its no wonder humanity struggles with health issues. Our beliefs inform reality, and if the structure of reality is based on a lie, then it makes sense, that we blindly follow the lies. Waking up is a process of realizing that true health, wellness and healing are within our reach, and that relying on authority figures for the answer can lead to an even worse scenario.

As discussed, we are facing a multitude of insults on the human genome, and more recently bioweapons in the form of shots to prevent "viruses," or the alleged transmission of viruses. It's noteworthy to also consider that germ theory, the model that our country operates under, places us as a slave to transmission. We, in other words, catch things from others, either airborne, through fluids, or some form of proximity. However, germ theory is based on proof that a virus must be isolated, then replicated. This has never been proven, and the journal articles, as early as the late 1800's have never proved isolation. Therefore, we are living the same ground hog day over and over, repeating the lie of transmission, when in fact, it is the field of electro magnetics, polluted air, contaminated water, and round up in food, that are the leading cause of respiratory illness, auto immune disorders and cancers.

What we have to unravel is the genocide operation and the movement to depopulate by convincing a population that its natural state of health is unnatural. It's a strange conundrum because we have built in immune systems, and armies at our meridian gates that keep toxins at bay. Detoxing the body is natural when attacked by an invader. That's why we get a runny nose, headaches, sore throats and congestion. It's because the body's natural defense is the common cold. It's not aberrant to have a cold, it's natural.

If we want to change our relationship to the medical model, then we have to be willing to take full responsibility for our health. I would go so far to suggest not having health insurance. Why are we insuring our guaranteed disease if we follow the medical model? If we take full responsibility for our health, the prevention is our job. Diagnostics, annual exams, and recommended scheduled colonoscopy's, breast exams, are not prevention at all. They are invasive, and actually increase the risk of illness by exposure to the procedure itself, and the side effects of certain exams. In colonoscopies, a surprising number of patients go to the emergency room, and suffer from perforations, and extreme abdominal pain. Are they necessary? No, they are invasive, not preventative. Prevention means eating well, drinking healthy water, exercising, sleeping well, and I would add, adapting a deep spiritual approach to daily life.

As someone who works in wellness, health, emotional healing, and trauma based therapy, I can share that my approach to alter beliefs, and emotions, which are positive, focused on solving an issue, often reprogramming the subconscious mind, and letting go what no longer serves or benefits the self, is a powerful way to move one's health to an optimal state. We know that in the field of energy work that we operate based on a resonance. Our resonance is tuned into the fact that our molecules are 99..9 percent water, therefore our organs, cells and tissues make up between 70-90 percent water. With this in mind, we are turning forks and can attract like frequencies, which is one of the main catalyst of healing.

The above image shows what happens when we play a frequency of music to water. Notice the difference in the coherence on the left, and the chaos on the right. This is what happens to our field of resonance when we take medication, eat acidic foods, have negative based thoughts, and are living in a high magnetic field, such as those associated with 5G.

The solution to great health and a quality life is to eat slightly more on the sunshine side of foods, foods that give off a lot of light. Drink plenty of structured water, if you can purchase the initial package (structured water is hexagonal shaped and provides greater health benefits). Get a good sweat everyday. If you can't, then find a sauna, the benefits allow your lymphatic system to sweat out toxins. Find good friends, and enjoy a relationship with an intimate partner. Create healthy boundaries. Know yourself, explore your world, and stay away from hospitals, allopathic doctors and pharmaceuticals to the absolute best you can.

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