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A witch in the whirlwind

In the beginning was consciousness, the unity of all, the field or the One. There was no separation from the ONE, there was only reflection, and infinite expression, as the ONE, in order to truly know itself, sees all possibilities, and operates within probabilities.

At some point, along the evolutionary path of awakening, in all its beauty and splendor came a darkness, and the darkness placed a cloud over the people and claimed their minds. From where did the darkness originate, and how did it create a slumber, an amnesia, a deep fissure within the minds and hearts of the people?

It happened gradually and with intention across generations, a wearing down, so to speak of the boundaries, moral structure and misaligned ability to discern right from wrong. People began to live in reverse thinking. A belief and practice that war is essential, and living in peace and harmony is not fathomable or even likely. What would our world be like if we didn't have warfare 93% of our existence, and only knowing peace 7% of the time humanity has been visiting this planet, or plane of existence.

What is the witch that got stuck in the whirlwind? It is our low energy negative belief system, that, in part is programmed from centuries of engineering thoughts into the minds of people, who are vulnerable, and would rather have security than the loads of truth that lie beyond the curtain where the little man is standing. We are easily manipulated because we want to believe that there is a good, a righteous, and fair world. And, there is, mostly within our own hearts and intentions of kindness, compassion, generosity and forgiveness, but the whirlwind being the universal hum and frequency of a thriving life (about 7.8 hz frequency), also includes energies and frequencies from off world and lower densities.

What reason would there be for lower densities to enter the whirlwind? Primarily to distort the unified field in a way that the individual or culture is subject to a narrative outside awareness. Then, the question is, who or what benefits from controlling the narrative? Well, we can see in current times the beneficiary are those who have an investment in the human genome, environment (meaning climate), water sources, and bio-engineering. The intention on altering the narrative most likely started during the eugenics movement in the latter part of the 1800's. Darwin's work detailed in the "Origin of Species," spells out the beginnings of an evolutionary idea that there exists within nature hierarchies of survival. This theory has never been proven, and remains highly speculative. It is more likely that nature creates collaborative agreements, which we interpret as hierarchy. In addition, the medical model, which primarily at the time of the 1860's, included alternative healing (chiropractors, naturopaths, Reiki healers, acupuncturists, etc), as mainstream, until it was hijacked by Rockefeller, Milton Carnegie, Mellon and others in the early 1900's.

Following this hijacked history of natural medicine comes the American Medical Association, and membership is based on subscribing to the medical model of disease, namely germ theory. With germ tneory we are to believe that germs transmit from person to person causing epidemics, pandemics, and the ushering in of virology.

Much can be gleaned from the work of Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and others who debunk many of the earlier experiments for lack of isolation of a virus, and the repetition of this virus within a host. Instead, it is likely that we become sick for other reasons, and just have not questions the reasons behind why some people get a cold, and others don't, even though it may appear that exposure occurs, and then gets passed around. What I am referring to is terrain theory, a model of looking at illness and health from what may be occurring in the environment, such as contaminated water, food, air, and soil. Along with GMO practices, bromate in bread, and the vaccines used to "protect" individuals, as one of the main contributors to cancer and other diseases. The greatest possible current within the whirlwind created potential shortening of the life span is electric fields or the wave lengths produced by magnetic fields. In the book, "The Invisible Rainbow," correlational data suggest that diseases as we know it (heart, diabetes, strokes and cancer) were practically non-existent until electricity entered our life. Now, we are infiltrated with 5g, and beyond, cell phones, etc., that may be the cause of not just the degree of distraction in our unified field, but also the initiator of chronic illness, and the latest figures in low fertility rates.

Considering the discussion about witches in the whirlwind, what I am alluding to is a degree of negative sorcery is alive among us to drain our energy, disturb our thoughts and emotions, and to ultimately corrupt morality, and destroy life as we have known it, or at least thought we knew it.

This is also not to suggest that good witches exist and that sorcery itself is not a negative thing, per se. Many healers, including myself, work with energies within dimensions to co-craft methods to heal, protect, uplift, expand, and rebuild sentient beings toward a greater enlightened life, one in which our frequencies can shift this world, flat or sphere, toward a more loving, compassionate existence.

However, we must do several things if we want to decrease the polarity and create an increase in the understanding of what being free really means.

  1. Activate an awareness of changes that have been made to our capacity to move about as free people (infringements on travel, protocol to accept employment, cut off from families and friends for speaking out on issues of concern, infringements on health freedom, rules on entering concerts, schools and colleges). Learn about the WHO, the WEF, and what it means for our country to be under a EUA

  2. Activate an awareness of what you eat, drink, and the air your breathe. Learn where 5G towers are in your area. Research cancer rates, learn bout GMO in foods, and where your food comes from.

  3. Create a practice of intentional living. Set an intention daily on what matters to you, and live from that intention.

  4. Be kind to everyone and everything, including yourself, without exception.

  5. Practice meditations, and breathing exercises to clear trapped energy

  6. Find like minded people within virtual or community groups and enjoy the involvement of service to others

  7. Avoid acid in food, alcohol, music and film. This would include violence, anything depicting sacrifice and animal cruelty

  8. Pay attention to the big commercial banks, companies like Disney, and what they actually stand for. Learn that darkness lies within the light. Many companies manipulate children and work strategies to alter morality

  9. Get outside. Nature has negative ions that make us feel connected and aligned.

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