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Counseling and Energy Healing

The power of what a calm mind, a relaxed heart can do for the body and soul is at the heart of GET CENTERED.  It is estimated that we only access our conscious minds (our dreams, goals and plans) 5% of the time.  Therefore, our primary operating system involves a subconscious data base that records images and impressions that make up our personal belief systemsAltering our belief system requires work and practice that can lead to lasting change.

take control of



At Get Centered the goal is simple. Appreciating your gifts and talents and accepting what we might think of flaws as the celebration of our true nature.  Taking control of your life means seeing challenges as growth opportunities. 


Your Greatest Self.


 The process of connecting heart and mind through mindfulness allows us to hone in on our capacity to balance and appreciate our unique vibration.  With this insight our strengths shine through the unique expression of you.




Learn how to change the nature of your language and experience how your mind works in conjunction with emotional memories to free you from traumatic emotional wounds that do not have to scar you forever.  


Taking back your life means being at the center of you and dream building the life you always wanted.


Learn to understand what has been holding you back, how you have created sabotage in your life and where it shows up.


Break free of negative programming today! Call Get Centered at 607-857-3852

start Tapping and


Discover ways to make your life more fulfilling by clearing emotional patterns that may be keeping you stuck and preventing you from living with great clarity, peace and harmony.  Acupressure tapping is a safe, effective tool that anyone can learn to assist in erasing trauma and any beleifs that you hold onto that exist within the subconscious mind.


Acupressure tapping exists within the world of energy psychology and is an evidence based method that teaches you how to let go of images and sensory data held within the limbic system of the brain.


Through the practice of tapping along the energy meridian points, using a specific set-up language children, teens and adults can learn to erase old programming.


Exepct astonishing results in as little as 3 sessions on issues around addictions, weight loss, anxiety, physcial pain, severe emotional traumas, PTSD, depressions, issues around loss, attracting abundance, improving performance and tapping into unlimited positive potential.


Let me help you uncover the programs that are running your life.  Don't know what programs you are operating?  It's easy, looks at the results of the life you are living right now and the patterns that just keep happening. 

Kathy Pettet M.Ed, MA, LPC, NCC, Integrative and Nutritional 

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