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Your love is their kryptonite, your wisdom is their fear

Our power of spirit is our greatest currency. Many times that spirit is tested and challenged by different, lower frequencies that live from a place of control and fear. There is never a mistake about the calling for of events that set up the perfect stage for the unfolding of testing our strength of spirit, and we are in one now.

For many, we call it the great awakening, the ascension, or shifting into fifth dimension, all are great words to describe, a no turning back kind of energy. Technically, we have been a 3-D planet oscillating at a frequency of creating matter, in such areas as population density, material wealth, physical buildings and structures, anything that contains matter. This density of 3-D contains light frequency, all densities do, the higher up the density octave, the more light that is available to us. This is why we ascend, or move our vibration upward. This ascension involves waking up within the density we are in. This is why in this density (3-D), we are not seeing major contrasts, contradictions, and unveiling of uncomfortable truths. We have to move through this stage (like crawling before walking), because our awareness of things that trouble us, such as child trafficking, the amount contaminated water and air, governmental distrust, abuse of animals, keeping the rich, rich, all of these things contain vibrational solutions. We know we can't solve it from the state they were created, that's the old frequency, so we have to solve it from a different frequency.

Your frequency is your vibration. For example, plants and animals, and all humans function from a frequency. The Earth frequency runs around 7.8 HZ. I t sounds like a continuous "OM" sound. Sound healing, which is the calibration of frequency involves healing all organic beings through the vibration of sound. So, there are frequencies of 432, 527, 999, and they all contain vibrations that induce sound waves that can support healing.

With those two things in mind, we have to remember that another part of the 3-D (now 4-D...meaning time and space are no longer on speaking terms, we only have the perception of time or timelessness because the planet has opened dimensional doorway (the 5th),that allow us to stretch time), is polarity. 3-D and beyond shifts polarity. We are at an intense shift, as we speak. With polarity comes a major contrast between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lie. So, since the inception of many ills within the planet, ills designed to capture our "love," and our "spirit," comes methods to corrupt, demoralize, demonize and lock down human expression. Why? because within polarity, there is the fight between the good and bad. In this case, the bad are called the Cabal, Illuminati, etc., It's just a name within this game of polarity that represents what has been done, and what continues to be done to all humanity.

There are multiple versions and theories of what the bad folks are doing, but the why has been the same for thousands of years. One aim is to keep the population small, to control masses into subservient slaves, and to keep the masses from gathering strength in numbers, to essentially create through fear obedience and compliance. So, when we reflect back upon the atrocities of humanity, never before has we seen so much happen in such a short period of time. The reason for this, is the preparation of the change of the human experience. In a nutshell, our frequency is shifting so fast that we can't keep pace with all timelines that coexist. Perhaps 200 years ago, slavery could be overlooked, accepted, or we could turn the other cheek. Economic disparity was accepted, because we didn't know that we could have the same resources as the elite, that we are actually entitled to a rich life. We were unaware of the political deals made behind closed doors and how rich pockets get lined with promises to keep or else. We didn't know that our sovereign rights of land and soil would be robbed from us.

There's a lot we didn't know. Now, you can continue to believe that it's all right as rain, because either way we are on a convoluted course of significant change, and it will ride itself out, or you can begin to use your energy, your spirit and your voice to raise up the frequency of our planetary home. Why bother? Well, because, we human have valuable inner resources, that the opposite end of the spectrum would prefer to own and inhabit. That is our love. Our love is so strong, it can change the weather, resurrect souls on the brink of despair and rid a virus, de-mask the population and say no more to rituals, persecutions and raping the innocent children or pillaging this planet.

Your love is your highest manifestation of the change you can choose to be in the world. You do make a difference. Some people think this is a political manifesto between some left and right thinkers, but no that is just the micro that rests within the macro. Parties will dissolve, just like our economic structures. Hollywood, the days of nostalgic, holding celebrities in some sort of awww states will also crumble. So much of trading souls has been happening within that container. So, those out there from the darker part of our consciousness, that we made mortal, want to harvest the soul source within you, and they are working hard to get into your DNA (duh, the vaccine) to decode your beauty of spirit and your wisdom of soul.

Let us come together, come home to each other, so that we can be the light that saves this world. Like I said, either way, we are going to become a different dimensional being, and by not raising your frequency, dismissing the virus as a hoax, which it its, it's nothing more than any other virus, it's just living under a zoom lens, one in which we get to see it bigger than it is, and let's be the solution by sharing love, deepening compassion, helping those in need, not matter what their beliefs.

Leave judgment at the door, it serves no one, and only keeps us in a confined container of righteousness, and that is a lonely place. Come out and join us at The Power o Intention in Mifflinburg, PA every other Momday

Be well on your journey, Kathy

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