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You are not crazy, you're just waking waking up

Did you know that it only takes about 1% of the population to change the consciousness of our planet Earth? Probably not. Consciousness is a collective voice, not necessarily in words, but in vibration and action. We, as a collective, send waves of energy, and are capable of eliciting rays of healing, hope and uplifting thoughts and feelings all over the world. And, this can occur in your own home, or with a group of like minded individuals aligning a vision with an intention to create worlds within worlds of love, compassion and acceptance.

A great example of this consciousness shift can be found in the embedded song by Pink Floyd , "Wish You Were here.", and it starts with "So, you think you can tell...."

When we truly listen without input from news stations (which emit a sedation frequency), we can hone in on what resonates as true for you. Many people have been realizing that something is amiss in our definition of life. Why should we work every day, take a few days off here and there, then just keep at it, until some concept that we get to take what we earned, and we get to rely on additional monies from other accounts, and we get to keep paying high costs of health insurance, car insurance, house insurance, life insurance, and a host of other assurances that we are safe in this rabbit hole of endless limitations of what the true self really desires.

We have created a parasitic nature to our natural world expecting to be cared for by governments, expect to be led and protected and represented, yet we pay tax after tax, with many losing homes, jobs, and basic life necessities, such as nutritional food. Do we even know what food is?

For example, we have gotten so accustomed to eating produce at the grocery store, most people don't notice that fresh fruit doesn't go bad unless it's sitting for weeks at room temperature with a dozen fruit flies. Otherwise, that shiny apple on the shelf, stays shiny for weeks. That's not natural. Or that, all the major news stations follow the same algorithims, and report almost identical statements daily. Or, that social media platforms suddenly have the right to stop, censor and diminish any expression of thought that goes against the dominant algorithm, or social justice model. Did you also know that there was no such thing as race until 1795, when the word was engineered to support transportation of slaves? Slaves designed to work in sugar plantations, because they couldn't get anyone to do the work? And, that several presidents have worked diligently to go back to the gold standard, so that, we the people, can access the financial freedoms that have been removed from us from a second Constitution enacted in 1871? JFK, and Trump. Check out these claims, it is amazing how much has slipped passed us while we have been making assumptions about our collective 3-d reality.

Did you know that the majority of Hollywood is a part of a dark cult, and that human/sex trafficking holds greater profits than the billions that pharmaceutical industries make and of course, oil. Humans have become a commodity that gets used, shuffled, sold, and killed off, as if we were the livestock that we consume every day off industrial farms. We get in line, follow orders, and never ask questions.

Well, guess what? The system wants division. But we are coming together, at this auspicious time in history. At this point, the awakening is unstoppable. We just choose to show up... and allow the magic to happen.

Show up in this great life, right now, as there is no time to waste. Yes, the system wants us to fight each other. There was no race issue, and there is no race issue, most of us just get along. We relate to each other, we connect over the fact that we are all having human experiences, and we all share blood, cells, tissues, and bones. We all breathe air, and are made up of carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen as well.

The game has not been stacked in our favor, but we are fighters. We really need to understand that most are operating under a flawed premise, that, the governing institutions are upholding laws, playing by the rules, and want good things for our country and citizens. We, however, are not citizens, we are employees (see 1871 Constitution), and we are currently serving insane world order institutions (banks, FB, Google, Amazon, et al) and what are we receiving in return.

Mandates meant to "help" people, come on folks, really? Face facts. Look at what hypothesis you are operating under, and be willing to create additional lines of inquiry. The waking up process from this 3-d sleep has been disturbing, and enlightening at the same time. We are and will be shocked at the darker side of humanity, our collective shadow that we unleashed. It can be a healing metamorphosis, a game changer on how we want to live, how we want to see the world through the eyes of light. We have no idea of our actual potential. We only are using such a small percentage of our gifts and talents. Harness your intention, feel it and then manifest from this core natural you.

The culture we live in fills us with definitions of who we think we are, who we are supposed to be and instills us with a belief of what we ought to be chasing. What is the good life? It is important to reflect, under and ask yourself, what do I see before me in my life? Do I like what I see? If so, why? and if not, why? Beneath the many layers of mental programming is a core your. A you that talks to you all the time. A you that knows no labels, doesn't care if a rose knows its a rose, or that birds sing a multitude of beautiful songs. We just appreciate all of it. When we created the world of language, we became somewhat limited, because we know that our waking up is beyond the scope of explaining. There are often no words that can describe the process of coming to know your inner world of peace. Only you can feel it. The amazing part of the waking process is that it shines, illuminates and creates an almost magnetic resonance.

I have experienced multiple situations in which random strangers approach me an talk to me, or wave to me across a parking lot, or the children at the pools or playground want to share everything they are thinking and feeling. The reason for this is that children can see human and animal auras, and approach those who they see as safe, secure and inviting.

Keep it up, and know there are others out there like you. We now have healing circle the first Friday of every month! Please join in Mifflinburg. We will also host an ET communication night under the stars. Stay posted, or reach out to me if you have an interest.

Remember, there is a script written that shows how our lives have been unfolding for centuries. We are going through a massive shift on this planet, and within our own physiology, and psyche. We will be forever changed from all that we witnessed in various forms from last year, and that was just the initiation.

In order to heal, transform and move toward a right alignment with Earth and our galactic families, we must drop our ego and need to control life. We possess such creativity, and we can find a way through almost all hard times. What we lack is the will to do something different. We have to grow up and grow inward toward a vital understanding of our relationship with the wise mother, and know our place within this vast inter-dimensional family. There is no one out there who is going to take care of you! You are the steward, the changeling, and we need this vast push from the negative structures to , such as the global elite, to awaken what is precious inside everyone of us. Standing by, doing nothing, or complaining, or watching distracted social media platforms is designed to seduce you back to sleep.

If you feel isolated, and have no one to share your insights, dreams and synchronicities with, please reach out!

Be well on your journey and keep an open mind and open heart!


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