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What is my purpose? I can see clearly now...

Let me start by saying that there is no ONE purpose you are shooting for. There is no cosmic nudge that says, "you are hear to sing, or write poetry or make great food." It's more like a larger bandwidth that might say, "you are here to help alleviate suffering through your laughter." "You are here to build bridges between those who have conflict.

There is a nudge, and the nudge will come at the strangest of time, like in the middle of a zoom meeting, in which you might feel foggy and disconnected, because you know the meeting in itself doesn't heed a call to your higher sense of purpose. Or you could be driving to a store, and suddenly sense that you are spending too much time in a car lately, and that you crave a simpler, car-free life. The nudges just tell you about your path, and they tell you when you are off the path.

For most of us, we are clueless. I know that seems to be a statement that undermine your intuitive sense, but honestly, we just aren't paying attention. What we often pay attention to is the path of distraction. Just today, I had a great conversation with someone and we dug deep into the nature of distraction. There was a time, long, long ago when phones, internet, and instant social media didn't transfix and dominate our reality. Were we less distracted? I don't know. What is the nature of distraction?

It's the moving away from the present to relive a past moment or seduce a future potential, but we rarely are in the there and now. " When we are talking about our life purpose, what we are saying truthfully, is what does this world want from me, what does it need from me, and can I hear and sense it calling me forward, calling me into the light?

Or, has my ego decided that the narrative of my existence is to be more, do more, or follow the herd of what success is? Or, do I get to choose this for myself?

here's a few ways that you can heed the call of your unique and fabulous journey. First, pay attention to how you feel. It's the most important and underrated part of the process of living. Pay attention to how you feel. It could save us from disastrous relationships, jobs and places we go. Second, notice your surroundings. Wherever you go, something may stand out for you. Why does this one bird, or one tree, or one cloud stand out and seem to talk to you? Why do you see the same type of birds wherever you go? Shortly after my father passed, I saw bluejays for weeks in February! They were one of his favorite birds. So, your surroundings are the way the cosmic world does speak to you. third, notice where you are showing up. For instance, if you are at a coffee shop, and someone is struggling trying to open the door, you showed up to help them with the door. If you are in a grocery store, and someone can't find an item, and you offer to help them find it, you showed up for that reason. Many times we think these are trite and petty observations, but the small ways in which we agree to show up, leads us to the greater more profound nudging that you will get as you honor this journey. Next, decide how you want to help. Say to yourself, how can I be of service today? Or, who may be in need of my serve today. This way you are embodying the helper, and here of service attitude. You are not saying, it's all about me and how can I get what I need from the world. That's a pretty short stick and no judgment, many enjoy the path of self service.

Our greatest character shows up when we are called. It's the little things that make us who we are, because they catch us off guard. If we were to narrate our life any other way, we would be feeding the ego and not the divine that lives within each of us.

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”

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