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Unity is Power, Separation is Weakness

We are living our lives in reverse. Remember 1984? Well, it's not just a read, it's a documentary that we are now living in. We have been led, like the obedient, masked sheep to the edge of the cliff, and the next step over the cliff will only take a small, fearful based prompt and people will start jumping. This may not be literal, but people are jumping to conclusions based on poor data distribution, mass censorship on social media from the folks who are trying to get messages out about the over-taking of humanity's freedoms, and then we have corporate media who also is paid to be quiet, or paid to spin the details of a plot of fear.

People will say, well, what's the big deal? Wearing masks is our social responsibility, right? Wearing a mask is a sign that we're in this together. Well, it's all good if that were the real issue, but because there is no pandemic, only a reproved version of it, then it makes pretending to be a part of the solution, actually a part of the problem.

The real concern is our personal freedoms, our power to govern ourselves, and to not live with false agendas, no matter where they come from. You are free being. We are the only species that pays to eat and pays to live. Again, we've got it all reversed. They, those who think they are in charge of human beings want you to be isolated, they want your children to think that touch is bad, that hugs are dangerous, that distancing is normal. Nature doesn't operate this way, and we are nature. Our cells are the same cells that exist everywhere in the planet. We are comprised of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, with a good heart and soul to add.

Abundance is the natural order of the universe. Look around you, look inside you. You are a being of infinite ideas, creative pursuits and quiet reflection. You don't think and live in a world of scarcity. Scarcity is a mindset. It's another download from the world out there to create fear. Why? Because there is an agenda to kill off most of the human race. We're doing a great job of killing off other species, why do we think we wouldn't be a target? Did you know that pandemics occur every 100 years? 1720, the Black Death, 1820, cholera, 1920 the Spanish flue, 2020, covid=19. You think this is chance? Is the world that well-ordered that nature just brings us a big bug every 100 years.

I love everyone's awakening. I love the energy being invested in changing the world. Structures are collapsing, foundations are crumbling, but you, you get to keep making choices every day for the well-being of you, your family and the world around you. however, if you don't know the agendas, you may be investing in the very system,s that are disempowering us. What and who are those systems? As much as people would like to believe, none, or very little of what is happening is between these political parties. The two party system is essentially dated, and not effective. The back and forth bantering, the time it takes to enact change, to create agreements, to alter the world reflecting what the average person wants is ridiculously flawed, and highly corrupt. At best, it's a one party system. I say this because of the millions of donations designed to steer an elected official toward groups' interests.

What would happen if we lifted up the rug and saw how we are being manipulated? What would you see? You would see how much the pharmaceutical and medical industry run this company? How much do you think a vaccine will cost? How much do you think mental health drugs will increase over the course of time? Right now, it's in the billions. So many people buy in to the drug companies fear-based ads, and their well-intended doctor's concern over increasing anxiety, depression and suicide attempts? As a therapist, working with individuals for over 20 years, I can tell you, I have never seen one person, not one, who benefited from taking mental-health related drugs. All I have ever seen is the suppression of energy, the suppression of thoughts, or a separation from the core being. I'm not judging those who choose the medication route, it can calm someone after a death experience, some big traumas that we go through, but they were never designed to be an on-going solution to life's issues. You possess the qualities to heal, and there are plenty of other ways (essential oils, flower essences, Reiki, therapy).

We are consciousness that is expressing our individuality through the ONE. We are all connected to the same source. Within our consciousness we created polarity, and polarity is very much a density issue. Certain densities are polarized, and certain one's are not. We are leaving polarity, but it will be some time (from our mind perception), until we remember that we don't require other authorities to design and govern our lives, for the sake of our health, wealth, purpose and relationships. WE have just become seduced through fear and convenience in believing this is the way.

As you awaken listen to yourself. Really listen. In addition to drug companies running our lives, we have banking systems that are bailing our the entire world while it is locked down. How do you think this is going to go? Well, again, we get to create and determine our lives. WE don't have to take this kind of treatment. Even if a pandemic was truly killing people (which it is not, it's a numbers game and disproportionate at best), and we are living a result of closing, distancing, finding ways to survive in a rigged game. People say one death is too many. No, death is death, and nature knows how to take care of itself without aberrant human interventions that are costing jobs, lives, and freedoms to be connected to each other.

So, let's stand up. You don't have to agree with me ,but you can't shout, be angry, complain, and yell at people because they are not complying to a false narrative. Be awake, and remember every effect has a cause. Dig deep enough and you will find the cause.

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