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The Cosmic Chess Game: We won!

Let's do the Circle Dance, and embrace our collective triumph!

Project Looking Glass was an operation designed to create probable outcomes of future probabilities, based on questions asked using an advanced computer system, along with Argon technology.

The Looking Glass device can be seen in the movie "Contact," and was used repeatedly to design outcomes with certain assurance. However, across time and repeated methods of discerning "truths", Looking Glass showed that there was a point when all probable realities converged, sometime after 2012. 2012 was the tipping point for this convergence.

Based on this technology, we could say that the "bad" guys, or the illuminati discovered that every evil thing that could be thought of to depopulate and control humanity would ultimately lead to the same convergence point. So, in other words, throw viruses, racial mayhem, make it up as you go to create conflict within and between humans, you will still get the same outcome.

Why? because the convergence point created a serum that has downloaded its consciousness raising awareness to that of the awakening. In other words, we woke up in 2012. The dark forces, who have been devoting time, energy, that includes compromising the media, literally owning the airways, censoring those who are trying to warn, help and lead the masses toward the light, are failing. They simply cannot hold the vibration of destruction because it is in stark contrast to the light.

The pandemic, and now the vaccine, and threats of forcing people to take a vaccine, to control human behavior and mobility, to erase jobs, isolate people from family, to push this madness, is failing.

We have won this war on consciousness. If you have followed the misleading dominant energies that's okay, you can still shift your vibration to that of light, unity and harmony. Try as they might, they cannot quiet all the voices, there are too many out there who know the truth. It is the time of revelations, and not the biblical one, or maybe so, the revelation of truth. We have been living under repression, suppression, and complete lies for centuries.

Looking Glass was shut down because it could not give any other future probability with greater certainty, than the awakening created a mass movement of living with our eyes wide open. We could have other probable timelines, which I am sure the dark forces have considered, however, even if we experienced some additional unwanted events, the glass doesn't lie, we still all converge in the knowledge of the power of our Oneness.

Be in light, give love and be love. It is this time to rise up and correct the wrongs, stand up for what is right, do not believe what you hear on mainstream media. Trust your inner nature and you will discover the jewel of wisdom inside you. The Circle Dance of life is calling you, the truth will reveal itself, darkness will lift...believe! See the light through the dark over the coming days, and hold on, find like minded souls and reach out to me if you feel lost

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