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The Ascension process and the ringing of freedom

How crazy just elevated itself to a whole new crazy. Humanity is suffering, wouldn't you agree? Humanity is expanding beyond the limited, narrow scope of a narrative that we have outgrown Wouldn't you also agree? There's no turning back, that we know. however, the fight and flight of humanity is based on knowing, feeling and sensing the truth of the cosmic game. Are we pawns in the game?

I suppose we are pawns in the game that is being played out on a consciousness level. Well, who are the opponents? How do you know who is good and who is bad? Well, it's not easy to tell. Basically, the planet operates on two structures. The organic structure and the arcon structure (inorganic, or AI intelligence). Neither good nor bad, right or wrong, but one has our freedom in mind and one doesn't.

Currently, we are tipping to our organic free and liberating nature, but our social memory complex is embedded in the arcon structure, or the memory of humanity's enslavement. Yes, it's been awhile since our DNA has recorded our Sumerian slave days as lower 3 density beings, but I know many of us remember way too well. Can we do past life regression in which our memory may have had a close encounter with the slave making kind of hybrids designed to steal our DNA for purposes of compliance and obedience?

As I always say, 1984 isn't a book, it's a documentary. Do we want a world where no one speaks their mind without ridicule, or fear imprisonment? Do we want to say Heil...whomever, and line up in ritualistic fashion to avoid being an individual. Let's face it. The days of crying victim are gone. Black lives matter, all whomever matters is sincere, and yes, the plight of many humans' sufferings should be acknowledged, but we are talking about the removal of all things recognizable about humans. The vaccine, intended to corrode chromosome 8 or your feeling center, could be completely wiped out. What does that mean? If means you stop feeling, you stop having empathy and concern for others. You just do, because you are programmed to do, not to be.

I come to you with this warning that all is not lost, humanity is already free, we already won against those who wish to enslave us, but understand that many are vulnerable to the ploys of energetic dominance through twitter, instagram, snap chat, etc. Our children are vulnerable. They are out there in isolation, wearing masks, seeking friendships, and who do you think will prey upon the innocence, upon those looking for connections?

By far it is the children we must protect. If you want to hate something, and love something and betray your higher self for a lower density, fear based world, than you can, but let's not take the children with you. There is an uprising the air, a purging. We won't be silenced by the few, and the few will carry the light for the many.

Many light warriors have prepared for these time for many years. It is not an easy task. It is hard to watch loved ones believe in nonsense around a fake virus, the lockdown, Trump's blatant attempt to remove him from his rightful seat and countless other measures to distract American's from their place at the table of power. Sure, all is not perfect within the political realm, but part of this awakening time is to evaluate the role of government in our lives What would a world look like without regulation, more regulation ,or deregulation. Couldn't we discern our best interest through dialogue and not public and private profit?

Let us speak up on whatever topic has meaning for you. Do not stay silence. Your word is your power. Let us not enter into a void of silence.

From the edge, Kathy

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