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RAISE your frequency: Let's get down to the Nitty Gritty

Hasn't it been so interesting to wade through the right and wrongness, the good and badness, the waves of change that seem to want to keep us all waking up, perhaps feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded? You are definitely not on the journey alone, we are all passengers on the crowded soul bus traversing vistas and valley, snow and rain, and rough rocks in between. It hasn't been a simple ride and a tourist view, it's been some hard days, and I'm sure for many, sleepless nights.

Why is this? Why do we feel, and I know many of you feel deeply, as your empathic nature won't allow you to go to sleep without perusing through the stories of suffering among many people and animals, and our planet. Well, as you know, we are a collective consciousness, within the one is the all. It's not possible to turn off even if you don't know what you are attempting to tune away from. We feel, that's our greatest asset as a human, and we deeply care, even if it doesn't appear that way from the superficial encounters many people have.

The primary issue is that we don't know the methods, or are unaware of them, that assist in shifting our frequency so that we can tune into our own sovereign power. We, as consciousness, are the greatest resource on the planet., and it is well known by other beings, who also inhabit this planet, that our consciousness is a currency that "they" want to own. This is why, at this time, your frequency does matter.

I know the may sound surreal, or like an episode of your favorite sci-fi show, but dueling for power through force and conflict, has been the way we have been playing this game for thousands of years. It has picked up momentum because humanity has shifted into a higher gear. A gear, in which more frequency/vibrational information is available to us, then in previous historical times. The reason for this is based on the shift in the planetary alignment bringing a wealth of data about our ancestry, our calamities, our ability to heal, and yes, our cultural upset in corruption and greed. We are seeing this all unfold because we are operating, like a fan oscillating, receiving and transmitting ideas, concepts and truths to assist us in waking up.

Why is waking up so imperative? It's because our humanity's independence and freedoms are being manipulated and controlled. Why? To create an obedient, slave-like population, one that does what its' told, no questions, no resistance. And how is the simplest way to do this? Most countries' citizens have already fallen prey, and have lost their capacity to hare information, express individuality that stays within the boundaries of cultural acceptance, are forced to wear masks, distance themselves from each other, and stay in their homes. Yes, it has been a successful campaign. It's not been so easy in the US, a country in which diverse beliefs have, until this point, been accepted and encouraged. Slowly, and carefully the manipulation of fear has spread, hmmm, like a virus to shut down freedom of speech, businesses, and even neighbors who dare speak out against the dominion (hmm again, interesting machine) energy.

This is why it's powerful to view this as a show, or a show down, but you have to show up first! Many don't want to entertain the idea that this time is a pivotal one in our collective history. This is right up there with the revolutionary war and the civil war. We are speaking up and out about the attempt to hijack humanity. How? Let's start with a virus that has a 99.80 percent recovery rate. A virus, according to the CDC that has almost no influence on anyone under the age of 65. Over the age of 65, only 19 percent has actually been statistically determined as death "by" CO-vid. No one can really know the death rate, as many are given a death certificate as Covid, even though, a heart attack may have been the reason for death. Check it out, argue if you want. The reason hospitals are full is because a) they cut back beds, b) they cut back staff, and c) sick people are afraid to go to the ER, and are delaying necessary surgeries and interventions.

The numbers don't lie, our children suffer because learning from home, honestly, is a joke, and they know it. There is no reason to keep kids home, and no reason to distance or mask. All of these attempts to harness humanity via control have failed, which I am so happy to see. Many of those who do not understand the master agenda, believe that many of those who refuse to follow the social rules are just being rebellious or resistant, many are, I am sure, but most have awakened and know the game. It is a game, and it is going to challenge the best of us.

I would say, sit quietly, allow the inner you, the more advanced you, the you that can change your frequency from fear to joy, just through listening to your heart talk to you, and by staying away from sources that generate fear and a anger (any corporate media platform). It is not new, it's control through fear, and the agenda is so clear. Remember, the soul you is aware of the human game, and only finds it fascinating, interesting and a joy. It does't live in fear. The soul you only lives in love and knows that human path is working through a dark night of the soul revelation, so that humanity can reign in a higher form of existence, on in which peace, harmony and love rule the world. Grab your popcorn, we're in for a show


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