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Help without question, give without expectation

Human consciousness is shifting again, yes again! As we move into 5th dimensional frequencies, we will, undoubtedly feel compelled to live through the heart structure. What we may notice is that getting ahead, being the best, being first, or fearing that we will be left behind will gradually diminish. These are the ways of the 3rd dimensional being. We have been tasting this hierarchy for centuries and serving the elite through all the ways in which keeps humans suppressed, and the elite feeling they're in charge.

But, it we are changing, and the times they really are a changing.

Now, we get to send energy through our higher frequency through the channel of love and through the heart. How do we do this? And, how do you know specifically if this is happening to and for you? First, pay attention to anything you are doing differently that you did one year ago, or two years ago. What are you eating now? Whom are you talking to these days? What are you listening to? What are you wearing? How little or how much do you care about material things in your life? Where have you been on vacation? How do you feel about holidays?

These questions will generate some ideas of how you have changed. I'm pretty sure you are doing things and saying things differently than previously, even though you may not be aware of the changes. You may simply notice that your preferences have shifted. You may notice that you have less tolerance for conversations that are downward and negative, and that you move away from people and topics that no longer resonate with a shift in your frequency

Emotions are frequency, and when we move from a place of uncertainty, or doubt, to acceptance and harmony, then the outer world will begin to reflect these changes back to you. It's not that you won't see injustices, and unfair practices in the animal and human world, but you may observe these attitudes and behaviors as practices that people are learning and working their way onward. Yes, some people will appear stuck and have grotesque views of what you may see as moral, healthy and balanced, and you can stand up for what bothers you, and you can also lean your energy in the direction of how to solve issues that seem insolvable. If we can identify problems, then solutions are abound.

Focusing on releasing the idea that for every effort given that something deserving should be in the return sets us up for conditional living, or utility power. A deals a deal, that sort of thinking. Or, why do I give so much, and receive so little? Whereas, the practice of uplifting one's higher frequencies and be enhanced through the practice of giving through the heart, not the ego. This means that it just feels good, it may not look and no one out there will validate you for doing something that comes from your good will. When you can master the art of letting go of acknowledgment, then you have cross the higher frequency bridge.

As always, we are correcting our soul compass because, for you centuries, we have been told misleading and false statements about what it means to be a human, and what it means to be helpful and to surrender a need to keep an even tally scorecard on our actions, as well as holding other people hostage if our actions aren't recognized by them.

Okay, so let go and enjoy the ride of giving!

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