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The Collective Soul: Seeing Through the Veil.

If you have gotten the smell of something in the air, you are not alone. Ever since the pandemic virus started making headlines in early March, I knew, right away, that something seemed off.

I have trained myself for many years to investigate anything newsworthy, because I want to know who benefits from such an event. When the whole world is watching, then we know, m

ost likely it was an engineered circus.

I believe it has been. I believe that yes a common, seasonal flu has sprinkled viral dust upon us, but no more than a traditional seasonal cold. The only difference is that we are watching everyone under a microscope in ways we never would.

I'm sure at first, we wanted to believe in mask wearing, social distancing, locking down businesses and people in their homes. After all, are we not for our brethren?

Now, however, the watch dog, police agenda is to snoop on your neighbor, to leer at them in public as if non-mask wearing was a signal that you stopped caring about the contagion effect of a virus, and then it just kept going. Of course, for non-mask wears, this is not what it is about.

It's about protecting freedom. A higher agenda. What the soul is crying out for us to do.

A good spell caster keeps people spell bound, almost as if we live in limbo awaiting the next spell. Our common sense and rational capacity to think is suspended, so we wait to be told the next narrative. Not everyone, of course, but enough to keep the sequels alive, the narrative suspenseful, and the potential outcomes dramatic.

Like a Netflix series. I was so addicted to Ozark....waiting for the next narrative, to keep me tuned in and turned on to a fiction, well, I don't know now...was it? Big Cartel preying upon the meek to inherit the earth. What will they think of next? A pandemic, a racial-pretend riot?

So, hold on a bit.

Let us really look at who benefits.

"Big pharma knows that if it wants to continue manipulating the public it has to start with our elected officials in Washington DC. According to OpenSecrets, big pharma spent more than $58 million on politicians just in 2016, the most amount they’ve spend on a direct contribution in the last quarter century." (ROF, Bentley, Gary. 2017)

Now, in spite of waking up to negative agendas, and there are many, the biggest thing we are waking up to, is that we can't go to sleep and be seduced by spell casters.

Who benefits from people turning on each other in groups? The key here is groups. We are holding groups responsible for individual behaviors. Don't you think that's crazy? It's like I'm from the town of Millheim and someone in Millheim robbed somebody, so everyone in Millheim are robbers?

This is the spell caster archetype at best, spinning narratives over and over and in the repetition you begin to believe the illusion. The illusion is intended to keep people apart (socially), and apart (psychologically), why? because it's a more effective war strategy.

I know. It's hard to believe that there is a war going on, and you thought if you just did what you were told this would all go away. Then, you thought if everyone did what they were told, this would all go away.

So being angry at another is holding us back from healing a virus?

No, because a virus didn't get unleashed onto the world, a war of perception did.

That's the illusion.

Waking up the collective is our journey. There's no status in saying, "hey, look I'm awake and you"re not." No, that's not it.

If you have awakened to the lies, injustices, disparity and deprivation. I would say that's waking up.

We don't want the same business today that we had yesterday. Same old song and dance my friend!

No, we are all ringing the bell of awakening. Some of us just happen to be able to light the way. Many certainly have before me. I didn't want to believe the way-showers, that a platform of evil was upon us, but what then is the boogeyman

An evil upon us...just under the bed, or in the closet. If we don't look, it won't be there.

We can't afford not to look anymore.

IT's time for the truth, for the collective to take back power, to stop being enslaved to an agenda that wants to disarm, dismantle, and shall I say, kill off most of humanity.

If you are a celebrity, child bearing, then probably you are ok

If you are a peasant, making your way day to day, then, sorry, you are at risk.

So, what's the agenda?

Well, they (the darker illumanti, or Luciferian force), really would rather most of us not be here....enter, Bill Gates.

They would much prefer if we just died off naturally, but of course, natural disasters, and man-made disasters haven't done us in. Vaccines have helped, but just to create autism, and some unfortunate auto-immune disorders, but no, that's not it.

Tsunami...okay, that killed about 250,000 people. If we don't die, perhaps we can be used in places like Amazon, Walmart, the western front, mining for gold, oops we did that already,

Not enough

OH, let's get them frightened. Just by fright alone, we can suppress the immune system, create panic, and let us throw in masks, and distancing....

Hmmm, sitting from the holographic perch, observing humanity. Wow, they are actually doing it. Hey look Professor amazing, they are wearing masks, standing apart, and they don't even hug each other.


Rumblings, David Icke, London Real, Judy Mikovitich, damn that Dr. Buttar

They are waking people up!

Shoot, now what?

I know, let's kill a person of color, make the cops look bad, and poof, we can start an injustice war.

Well, there is an injustice war!

I know, but I don't want them looking at us...they need to feed off each other.

That's the way we've always done it! Race, economic deprivation, class wars, gay/straight wars, women/men wars...well, we have tried to demolish their freedom.

They don't squash easily

They have spirits that don't quit. Do they know they are eternal beings?

I think they do

Did they win?

I think they did

It's our collective awakening. It's okay to admit we've been duped, yet again, but stand strong, know we will prevail. Stay tapped into the world you believe is here, don't look at the world being portrayed, they want to kill off our hope

We have survived, now we thrive.

Don't let the suicide fool's just an end to the madness and a symbolism of the new collective


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