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The CRUX of 2020: Your Power is within

2o2o is nuts! It's crazy for a reason. It's the precipice of the largest shift in humanity. It's the master teacher giving us the opportunity to embrace lessons, to show us where we have created limitations in our belief systems, and to stare into the mirror of ourselves and make the changes necessary for the journey beyond.

The changes are necessary for the journey ahead. Why? Because the planet, mother Gaia, is changing. We have to remember we dwell within an organic life form, and that life form goes through the same cellular renewal that we do. Renewal isn't renewal unless there is a purging, or destructive phase, followed by a new way of life. The in between phase will feel chaotic, filled with uncertainty, because change will occur like waves in an ocean. No doubt, we will feel unsteady, not sure of the shore line, no rescuers, just your inner faith.

The catalyst appears to show up in a negative form, but it really is a blessing in disguise. This blessing we refer to is the Covid-19 virus. Many fear it, loathe it, blame it, and can't move on from it, but the intention of a catalyst is to be the current of awakening, of meeting ourselves at the door. All catalyst, whether personal or collective are stored in the subconscious mind, and the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious channels our vibrational thoughts and feelings. On a whole, the collective has been calling for radical change. Most people, for instance (85%) don't like their jobs, seldom see their families, spend long hours at work, have hefty commutes and suffer from chronic diseases. Not to mention our separation from nature, listening to our inner core, and the damage unleashed upon our environment.

We couldn't keep going on this way

We called forth a reason to stop. This is not to say that I agree with the whole Covid-19 spectrum of fear, or even some of the measures for public safety. It''s insanity and not very evidence-based, just fear to throw in to the catalyst mix. Many catalyst are fear-based, but it would do us well to take our time to sense and absorb two things: 1), we do want change 2), the change we want has to come from within, and I'll add a 3), there are other agendas beyond our daily awareness that has to do with dismantling our DNA. It's okay not to spend time of 3, but it's also good to be aware of the manipulation taking place that requires taking humanity as hostages.

Our freedom is at stake.

Our world is shifting

We are powerful, creative and imaginative.

Even though it is hard t understand the concept of unity, many still feel stuck in separation (mask-wearing and physical distancing is the mark of separation played out in our reality), we have to remember we are a part of a collective whole. Our species is connected to the greater ONE. We are the only planet, to the best of my research, that practices individuality within unity. In other words, many beings are ONE. They do not identify him or herself by name, occupation, status, or gender. They simply are the voice of the collective. We are too because ultimately we are serving the ONE. We just don't realize how our "I" self is connected to anything beyond that. However, this is changing.


We are now 4th density beings ridding ourselves of our 3rd density skin.

Perhaps this is why we are faceless to each other. We are seeing less of the self, and more of the essence of the whole being. Interesting.

Your power is always within you, it is never out there. It may appear to be out there, but that is an illusion. Now that we have had time to rekindle the relationship within, are you not now understanding yourself, your intentions, what makes you happy, what gives you meaning from a different perspective? This is your power.

It is also your power to recognize manipulation and control. I'm sure along the way in life you have encountered someone's less than favorable intentions. Intentions to disempower you, to create within you a dependency in which, for love or approval, you agreed to act in certain ways. Maybe it was a parent, a coworker, or boss, or your spouse or partner. We all have had to encounter one key relationship in which dominate energy ruled your life. It's how we learn.

Remember 2020 is perfect vision! What is your vision? Begin to see it, feel it, imagine it, believe it and allow it. Go inward. This is a time to learn your lessons around control and power

What do you fear? What you fear determines your power center. What has a hold on you, or whom? Why do you allow it? What do you think you could do differently about it?

You must go inward and change. your perspective and perception. Look around you. What are people doing? Are they listening to mass media tell them the truth? Are they following like obedient sheep without questioning the intentions or motives? Are they trying to police other people to follow what "they" think others should do? Who are you in this? Do you listen to you, your own higher authority or do you listen to something outside of you?

We all can feel the truth of things around us by going inward. Ask? What can I do right now to be of service to humanity? How do it tune in and turn on my layer that keeps the external world at bay? It's not easy to do at first, You'll want to check email, instagram, Facebook Twitter to see how it's going out there. Eventually, as your vibration raises, you will grow tired of it.

It will feel stale and old, then you will know that you changed, Something shifted. 2020 is about shifting, restructuring, rebuilding, creating new platforms and foundations to build upon.

The journey will be rocky. You'll need friends and loved ones around. You might be new people who will cradle you, or you will cradle them. It will just happen.

The power is within you. You get to decide, you get to choose.

Choose your heart, listen to your higher mind, connect with Source.

You can' t change from where you are. You have to dig deep, and then let go. The paradigm is shifting. You can't get there from here!

There's work to be done. Forgive yourself, forgive others for any wrong doing, and I mean any wrong doing. There is no category that you get to keep here. Let it go. All you are doing is holding yourself hostage to a past memory. Let it go

Where we are going is beyond words. There is a beauty, a resonance a vibration. Imagine anything. Imagine people living and loving work, educating children with nature in mind, eating plants with pudding inside them, playing hours throughout the day, taking your dogs everywhere you go.

Your power is your imagination. Source energy flows through imagination.

It's the key, the holy grail to all things.

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