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No place like the right time

I'm so excited about our collective creation. Yes, I mean this outbreak. As bitter as it is in its full force of infecting and affecting humanity, It makes us stop, look around, and think differently.

There are multiple ways of seeing the good, bad and ugly of such insult to humanity, but we do have to remember that there is nothing that exists outside our consciousness.

In other words, all creation is within us.

If all creation is within us, then we have the capacity to bring joys or sorrow to our world.

"Man is mind, and evermore he takes the tool of thought and brings forth a thousand joys or a thousand ills." ~ Joseph Murphy

Why should we then be in angst over our manifestation of the mind? When we have time to think about all of this, what better way to allow us to rest, recuperate, relax, contemplate, go without, give up, let go of, feel a sense of loss of control of finances, jobs and our fundamental structures of reality?

What is physical distancing? It's a time to be alone, to go within, and to remember who we are from the inside. A time to reconstruct the concept of ego, materialism, and even ways in which we choose to live within our collective world.

I admit the first few weeks I was annoyed, felt betrayed and scammed by our government, unseen forces, and darker enemies having an agenda to depopulate our world. This isn't saying these things don't have merit, but even then, who created that?

Ultimately, we did. You see there is no escaping the truth that all thought creates. And on a higher consciousness level, our collective thoughts manifest

We've done worse than this one throughout history, for sure. We seem to be working out our lessons in a kinder way. We seem to want to go global, and so we have.

What can we glean from all of this? That's the beauty of free will, isn't it. That's the point of all of this. We have choices. We have worked to bring ourselves out of a deep fog. A fog that sedates the human spirit, will and motivation. Sure, we're motivated, to keep on , keeping on. To never question, inquire or feel that things feel off.

I can tell you from the many people I work with, the consensus is, things feel off. This feeling isn't good or bad, it just means change. Remember, our consciousness always shifts before the physical body. The body, which has greater density, is the last to get the memo that the office moved.

So, this is the perfect place, the right time. IT's a big deal, a very big deal. This isn't about survival anymore. We now know what it feels like to live on less, do less, rest more, read more, play more, incite creativity, discoed more, and ask more. We can't help ourselves. We are conscious creators.

That urge to create will never subside. It's our soul signature, our spiritual journey and our personal destiny.

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