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Embrace the virus, let go of fear and turn your attention to what feels better: The precipice of ch

Isn't all of this amazing? Wonderful, in some way? Once the initial, oh wow, a pandemic swept in, then what? Wow, we have fear, don't we? Or, we have peace, justice, prosperity, goodness, abundance. We have that too, don't we?

Don't be trapped in the tele-vision...

You tell your vision

Think for yourself

Get away from the control lever

It's like the red pill----your freedom

It's like the blue pill----ignorance

Focus on the world you want, let go of the world you don't like. Build the world you wish to see as if it's already here.

You are not afraid of a virus, as long as you live in alignment with nature, as long as your immune system is fueled with compassion, as long as you care for Mother Earth and let go of the attacks of what you hate.

All you have to do is promote what you love!

That's it

This is the precipice of change. The new order of the world is not owned by corporations, not owned by banks and big business. Change is powerful when fueled with love.

It is the MOST powerful force in the world.

They just don't want you to get there from fear. But, you can move in the direction of the lighter and brighter you. The you that was mean to live at this time.

You showed up

Because you care, because you are ready

Stand up for what is right for you, let go of worry, anger and blame

This was just a test to see if we were going to surrender and choose fear.

Just a test.

We all passed, now let's move on to the good stuff

Be the vision, be the change, be you

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