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There is NO one like you: the value of numerology and other practices

The greatest tragedy within the human experience is the inability to recognize one's own genius.

We are born geniuses. Each and every one of us. In my view, we are born with the connection to our higher self, consciousness, and the many levels and dimensions therein, pretty much all you need to uncover the journey before you. It's sad to me to watch the bright eyes of curious children, slowly dim when the external world pinches off the inner genius.

It really starts with understanding that we are non-physical beings before we are physical. That is essential knowledge to tuck away as you explore your life and why things happen to you. The things that happen to us are really not bad, and not good, they just are. This is the second essential knowledge to behold. We also have the ability to change any circumstance from the inner mind going outwardly. Nothing is fixed or stagnant. Tuck this jewel of understanding in your back pocket. The world is an organic, pulsating, vibrating presence capable of rebirthing itself into infinity. The probabilities are infinite. We literally have the capacity to live multiple realities simultaneously, and probably are visiting ourselves having our every thought manifested in multiple forms. That's just marvelous! We get to cultivate from our creative minds the experiences we want to learn from, delve further into, and to assist humanity in some way, often way beyond what we think we are doing. One doesn't know the person you gave $5.00 to, isn't that same person who writes an engaging novel, or goes on to sing the best song.

This gets me to the point of why we get stuck in believing we are less than genius, and we spend years investing in all those other people who have IT, and why we don't. Or how did they get "IT," and I didn't. Consequently, we can live in a space of thinking we are less then, because we buy into the pendulum (structures of thought reality) that control our desires and outcomes. We have to remember that everything we see out there came from thought, or imagination. The difference between most star like people, is that they believed in something within the self without evidence to support it. In other words, it takes believing in the invisible until it becomes visible. And, this doesn't mean being great at something, it means being in alignment with your deeper core, the nature that is inherently you and experiencing the joy in this knowingness. Many times we ask, what is my inner core? how do I know what's me and not me? How can I possibly know what I want?

Isn't it sad that we aren't paying attention? I bet we can describe what other people are doing and wanting in life, or at least making an assumption of such, but we rarely tune into our own breathing, let alone what we truly desire or appreciating the uniqueness of you.

We could argue that the world out there is something we have to pay attention to for self-preservation, to guard against being blindsided, or not keeping up. We could argue that paying attention to the external gives you feedback, which it does. However, we don't invest our time wisely. We seem to wast time (spend) time on things that bring us very little return. Not many people would spend money on something that brought them little in return, yet we do expend precious energy on meaningless data. Most of our genius gets drafted in in pursuits of false illusion, and this could be TV, phone, social media, shopping, any form of addiction, etc. Many people fall into the trap of the void, meaning, I just go along in life, make little waves, or put up resistance, then just keep doing this over and over, living joyous moments in between.

One way that I enjoy helping people is to use divination tools that can glean purpose, meaning and creativity into one's life. I do this through numerology, or the study of numbers and the frequency of numbers given with your name and birthdate. Each person has a unique constellation of numbers (there are no two exactly alike anywhere in the world). So, the reading belongs to you. Basically, numerology is a way to learn the challenges you will face, the career path most likely you will explore, why key relationships can be catalysts in your life, what your soul calls you to do, and the personality make-up that allows you to navigate your path. All of these numbers form, like energy DNA, to help you accomplish what you set out to do when you agreed to arrive here. Each lifetime contains lessons to learn, and the lessons, as you learn them, liberate you to realize your soul's potential, and the key understanding that you are creating your reality by your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and the perceptions you assign to major events in your life.

Many times our genius goes on "hold," because it gets caught in a web of blame and wrong doing, or the web of "I'm not enough." The personality is the part of ego that reflects on the past, often justifying current behavior, and thwarting the future from fulfillment.

If you would like a numerology reading, feel free to reach out, it's very accurate. If you would to learn more about how to tap into the genius you, then also connect with me so I can help you start the practice of designing a life with the wish already fulfilled. It's not hard, but it requires reprogramming your mind, creating coherence with your heart (forgiveness is a great part of this), then living life as if assumptions were facts. If you can dream it, you can become it.

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