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Setting Your Mental Channel to live the life you want

If we are not creatively choosing the reality that you really want or imagine, then we will, by default live a life of reacting to events and circumstances. Now, this isn't to say that circumstances don't come along and rattle us now and then, but when you are designing and creating the world you want to leap into, then the circumstances don't rock your world in the way that they do when you live in a reaction mode.

The question I always get is, "how do I get there from here?" And, that's a good place to start. There is distance that we also create because the expectation is that the reality I really want is too hard to create, not available to me, or there's no such thing as living the life you want, or I never even knew that designing my life was an option.

While it is important to sift through the beliefs that hold you back, it's essential to understand that you can create your reality by learning to focus. Here's a quick exercise to help you get in the mindset of focus. Right now, in the room you are sitting in, find 4 things that are the color red. You did it, right? Just through focus you found some red. Now, look up a new word, one you have never used before in the dictionary. Write it down, say it out loud, and over the next few days watch and listen for how often this word is used. Next, think about a car, a color or make. Over the next few days, write down how many of these cars did you see?

What we are doing is practicing fine tuning your mental channel so that you can transmit and receive vibrational messages the allow you to create the life you want, and stop the living the life that doesn't resonate. In life, people find what they are looking for. Our dominant energy determines the direction things go. For instance, if you continually think about the boss you don't like, then you cement a reality based on the boss you don't like. When this happens, you can't see all the other creative options, because you have inadvertently established a limiting belief, such as, this boss is causing me all this discomfort.

Another tool to employ is that of the problem solver. See yourself clearly defining the problem at hand. For instance, you might say that your problem is you can't figure out which job path to take. So, write that down as clearly and concisely as you can. Then, generate as many creative solutions as you can, think, at least 10. From that list, find the one that really seems to be your favorite and begin to execute a plan. This can work for any problem you are having. The idea being that nothing can shift unless, first you know it's a problem, and secondly that you take some action on a solution. So, no matter what you attract to you in life, you still have to execute a plan of action. It's the action, combined with the emotion, and the true desire, paired with a strong intention that moves you closer to the realm of what you really want, and see yourself becoming.

Yet, another way to shape-shift your being into the life you imagine is just that, begin to imagine. Here's a list of questions to ask yourself, Isn't it wonderful that I can dream and remember them so well? What would happen if I asked myself to dream an answer to a problem I'm having? What would happen if I allow myself to feel the feeling of living my perfect, fulfilled life. Take a look around you and see something that you want to see different. For example, look at an empty space between two buildings, or a space between two homes, and imagine what would look nice there. Perhaps you imagine a coffee shop, book shop, a trendy apartment building, and every day you walk by and say, "that______would look so nice in that spot." Not only do you imagine it, but you feel yourself creating it in your heart, the feeling of walking in to a cozy, coffee shop, and or living in the trendy building. Then, you really believe it's there, and every day you walk by and see the place filled with happy people, and so on.

This art and quantum explanation of mentally drawing in, and jumping into a picture, that you are filing as you go, is a well-researched formula for experiencing the life you want. The reason it works is that you are marrying your heart and mind, paying no attention to the future, like someday my dream will come true, you are imagining that you have everything already. When we do this, we stop pursuing the goal. Right,? Think about it. If you run a marathon and complete it, you are not thinking about still completing it, because it already happened. You can take the pressure of the idea, let your attention go. Sometimes we think we have to stay on something so vehemently that the pressure of being on it gets it done. Actually, when we do this forced approach, we end up delaying what we want because the emotion around it is fueled with the frustration of not having it now, or that we are trying to will our way. With that being said, you can use an incremental approach that allows you to feel the feeling in small doses along the way. Let's say you want your MBA, and you take an action on this, and you get to see the results of your intentions and dreams realize as you go. For some, this momentum and time delay, allows the energy to realign with the person's core center. But, you don't every day wake up and say, why don't I have my MBA yet?

The real truth of any of these approaches involves the greatest secret ever, and that secret is, your feelings. Your emotional guidance system is what controls your energy system, and that system looks for resonance, and reflections in the outer world. When your feelings are cloudy, foggy and not trained to sustain a consistent feeling, then we bounce around from one thing to another. It's easy to do, and it's easy to blame on circumstances, or another person, but when you are lined up with you, the you that feels the feeling of inner joy, then sparks light up and now you are free to create, envision, imagine and design your life.

Neville Goddard is a great resource on this subject, and it's so similar to Esther Hicks channeling of Abraham, the Law of One, and many other theories of manifesting. It all comes down to understanding that imagination, feeling, intention and desire are all keys to tapping into existing realities, realities that you have been creating every time you have a thought.

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