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The Better You Feel, The More You Allow

I love that we are discovering through our soulful evolution, ascension process and major shifts within the electromagnetic field, a new way of life. We have been bumping along with a traditional, cultural and worldview perspective of the riddle of happiness, which goes something like...."ill be happy when_________." We become dedicated to the themes and patterns around what it takes to become happy, forgetting that looking inward involves exploring both the roots and the remedies.

One of the definitions of riddle is this: "a mystifying, misleading, or puzzling question posed a problem to solved or guessed...."

When's the last time you asked yourself the question, "Am I happy?" We often pursue what doesn't allow us to feel good and then focus on that. For instance, it may not feel good to be around your boss, or go to your current place of employment. Maybe you had a falling out with a neighbor, or a relative, or maybe someone close to you passed on. Typically, we don't think about our personal assessment of happiness, we think of things that bother us, and imagine if they weren't there, then a kind of happiness might arrive.

A simple mantra to practice, "the better you feel, the more you allow." ~ Abraham Hicks

When we are examining and exploring happiness, there are several things to sense and feel that require time and practice. Spend more time being kind to yourself is the first thing that comes to mind. Spend less time reviewing your past mistakes, regrets or missed opportunities. In other words, your focus is energy and where thoughts flow, energy goes. Why would you want your day, week, month or even years of your life limited through negative judgment of yourself? And, why would you ever want to be around those who judge you and also limit you?

In the process of evaluating your happiness within your life, pay attention to themes and patterns that keep presenting themselves to you. What themes uncover is where we often get stuck. Being stuck means that there is a limiting belief that you are saying to yourself.

The main question to ask, is "what is happiness to me?" Look at the outside world around you, your family, loved ones, money, space and place, and ask, do they bring me happiness? How do I contribute to the well-being of others? Of course, you may discover that the happiness of home and job, are not necessarily the sources of your happiness, they. can't be in and of themselves, they are just reflections of your joy, or not. If you were truly in charge of the inside you, the voice of the inner sanctuary of you, what would it say?

If we are really listening, then the inner you doesn't require anything from the outside of you to bring you that happiness that you think will come. We all go through the ups and downs of this thought process. For instance, one might think, my soul mate has arrived, instant happiness. got the job of my dreams, yeah, great joy! Money is showing up for me, that's amazing. You will discover temporal measures of well-being, but because life causes us to keep evolving, we create new contrasts, and that probes what we choose to allow in our vortex.

All of these things are manifestations from your inner self, expressing itself outside of you, but they are not the source of happiness. This is the web we get caught in. The source of all happiness is you, just by being you and bringing for your excitement about your original, unique path, and then sharing this with the world around you. It's hard to remember that nothing really exists outside of you, that we are not actually separate beings, having an isolated experience. We are collective beings connected through consciousness, creating an individual expression. That's very different than being a lonely branch on a tree, versus the tree itself.

This is why we can easily be seduced into believing that happiness comes form something else, and that when we achieve it, all will be right in the world. Now, this doesn't mean there aren't people, places and experiences that you can avoid, diminish, and move away from if they are reflections of a negative unsupported environment. Many studies do indicate that our environment should include loving, support. But, this doesn't mean in the absence of it, that you will fall into despair or unhappiness. It mean, more likely, that you will forget and then by default, allow this environment to dominate your inner joy. In addition, this does not mean that you don't enjoy means of happiness within the physical world, like a nice pair of shoes, or a trip to Spain, it just means in the absence of this object, you don't lose your compass of you.

An example might be that you go to a job that you don't like. Lets say that you don't feel appreciated, or that your talent isn't being adequately tapped, so you don't feel all that useful, and you may feel ignored, or passed over to someone who is more extroverted, or outgoing then you. What can you do in a situation like this? One, understand that the environment is a reflection of where you feel limited. Maybe you say to yourself, "I'm an introvert," and this is just the way it is, or someday I will find a better job that fits my personality. Or, you can say, what is it about this environment that creates this feeling of lack? This feeling of not being good enough? Always, check in with your limiting beliefs first. You may have trained yourself to hold back at work, or that your boss reminds you of someone else, a person that you felt criticized you, or was jealous of you. Always go toward the fear that you are holding, because once you clear the fear, then you are free to be you, in spite of the environment you are in. Make sense?

I can recall several experiences in my work history in which I felt that I was holding back, not finding meaning in the work, or feeling that I was just surviving, not thriving. For me, it's not ok to be in a space in which I don't feel like I can be fully me, so I had to dig deep, and ask myself why. What I discovered is what always wanted and dreamed of since childhood. My freedom to choose, my freedom to create a path that activated a tempo within me that wasn't a cut and paste to someone else. I always desired my own business, and have operated many, thus far. I can already feel the next thing churning, and inviting me to explore different types of services and product I may add to this work. I choose to create fulfillment through creating my own business. For others, it can be a different calling. The point is to tune in to where you feel the negativity rising, what you have been focusing on in that regard, and what you truly want to create for yourself and others.

Your true compass to alway rely on are your feelings. Remember, the better you feel, the more you allow. Your expansion is what you are here for. Expansion can only exist when we are ready to leave what we are currently focusing on that doesn't feel good. There's no point in arguing with you, resisting you, although many spend decades doing just that. The point is that you can't stand still in this world. You will always be creating movement to allow you to continue on your journey.

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