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Past Life Regression: Exploring Soul Connections

Deepening the memory experience can involve a traveling through time another time, another space, another life, another place, another body, another face.....

These are the words often used in regression scripts or meditations to allow a person the great remembering. For many, it might seem silly, or just playing with an imaginative mind, but it is interesting in many of the works cited by Dolores Cannon, Brian Weiss, and others who have recorded thousands of hours of clients under hypnosis, the clusters of similarities reported.

Why would exploring a past life be of any importance? I believe that our raised awareness, coupled with a shift in consciousness is allowing us a deeper desire to dig into our soul roots. When we delve a little deeper, we may find answers to questions, such as, "Why do I have this chronic pain?," "Why is the person in my life and what he or she showing me,?" "Why can't I find a suitable partner,?" "Why is it that I never feel settled or at home?," "Why do I never leave my hometown,?" "Why do I fear a certain geographical place, or even detest the idea of going there,?" or "Why do I want to paint, draw certain images over and over again,?"

It can be argued that many of the questions in life we encounter can have occurred in this lifetime, within the early developmental years, without conscious awareness. This is very true. Whenever I am working with someone and we are tapping the subconscious mind, we can discover a plethora of beliefs that are operating outside conscious awareness. For instance, when working with a recent smoking cessation situation, the client discovered that she chose to smoke because a), everyone in her family smoked and from a child's mind, it looked relaxing, pleasurable, and involved an interesting ritual, and b), it gave permission to experience a type of defiance against a societal norm that her family resisted. Consequently, the subconscious mind holds these beliefs, which of course, can be altered, by programming a new model of reality that might suggest the downward spiral of smoking and health, as well as what happens when we become a non-smoker, envisioning the freedom and alternative ways to live life without being a slave to cigarettes.

So, the subconscious mind is involved in both earlier life imprinting, and past life memories. This part of the mind contains, if you will, two types of memories: 1), the lower subconscious mind that involves our "inner child," and 2), the higher mind which contains memories from infinite time and space, the connection to the Akashic record. Once we know that we can access material deep within one's own mind, the next question is, how is it accessed?

The practice of quieting the mind is a good start. I would suggest 15 minutes a day in quiet solitude, just to get used to sense and familiarity of how the body is when it is quiet. The second thing you can do is allow your mind to wander and capture any memories you may have of feelings, thoughts and situations that you may have encountered in this lifetime that feel overly familiar to you, or out of context. For instance, let's say you grew up in a family in which everyone practices Catholicism, however, you feel an unusual pull to study Buddhism. You don't know where this came from, but it's there. Or, you have an unusual fear of water, or being in the ocean, in spite of having no life experiences, or even ancestral life experiences around the ocean. You can also pull out a map of the United State, Europe, or whatever continent you feel drawn to. Allow your hand to hover over different areas and notice how the energy feels around your hand when you stop over a certain geographical area. Remove your hand, and see what it was hovering over. How do you feel? Do you feel positive or negative feelings about this region. Another exercise, is to notice what kind of films you avoid? Or, what scenes in films create an exaggerated emotion of crying, fear, anger?

Now, notice your current friendships, family members and those people in your life that you have held any kind of unusual feeling toward. Sometimes, for instance, we can immediately feel at home with someone, it just feels natural and safe, and it could be someone you only just met. Or, there could be a co-worker that you immediately feel a negativity toward, and you may avoid this person. When looking at your family members, can you imagine another time, another space, where everyone did a similar dance, or had similar challenges and triumphs.

Allow your imagination to play with potential scenarios. This is one way of loosening up the mind, as all traveling through time involves an open, exploratory mind.

The next thing I would suggest is to listen to a past life regression, or write or record your own. I do provide this service as well, and it can take 1-3 hours of work depending on what you want to learn, if there are a series of questions you want asked, and if there are areas of your life, in the present that you are troubled by. A basic curious exploration takes about an hour, and we will wind through the river of time, or go through a mystic doorway where the answers lie.

I would recommend keeping a recording of your experience and see what you can learn about how a certain past lie is helping you heal something within your present situation. When we hover over another time and space, another place and face, our detachment allow the lessons to seep in without threatening our ego or safety in anyway. You may have had to learn that your current partner is a karmic relationship, one in which deep healing is called for, or you may have to let of anger toward an x-spouse, and bring closure to a past connection that no loner supports a healthy soul growth. You may have to accept saying goodbye to a smiling, who may live just down the street, because the initial reason for being together already served its purpose. You may have to accept many situations in your current reality, embrace them, and by knowing and learning this, you are free to continue your evolution on your very unique journey, in the here and now.

If you would like assistance, feel free to reach out and we can have a session to help you.


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