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How often do you spend time with yourself?

What I mean is, how often are you really alone with your own thoughts, feelings and moments of contemplation? I don't mean you go to the gym alone, so there's your alone time, and I don't mean the times you sit with your phone combing through facebook, that would be called facebook time, and I certainly don't mean when your walking the dog alone, no, that's time with dog. What I mean is, how often are you really, ever alone?

I honestly feel so few people can handle being alone. The one's I know fully embrace it. When you think about it, about 99% of what's on social media are pictures of each person's own media page. Right? It's weird. Taking a picture of yourself having some sort of experience that you want other people to like. I'm not judging anyone who chooses this from of expression, but think a little deeper next time. Ask yourself, why am I doing this? How important is it for me to be "out there," rather than "in here?"

So, why be alone? What can you really learn about yourself? Why is it so important in the evolution of your consciousness, and your personal evolution as a human being? Let's look at it this way, when you don't spend time alone, I can guarantee, that you will wake up 5, 10 or 20 years from now living a life that you don't feel connected to. Maybe you are already doing that. Had you been listening to yourself, you would now be living your life with conscious purpose and intent. You would be living the results of your joy, compassion, dedication and devotion. You just would.

So, let's back up. How can being alone lead to a better life? Well, being alone means sitting quietly with yourself, and actually having a conversation with your higher mind, that's the part of you that knows what's best for you. You can call it the over-soul, higher self, or soul. All equally the same. When we connect with this part of our mind, we can begin to glean what's important. You can't possibly know what's important to you if you don't take the time for quiet. A life of constant distraction, a life where other people set your priorities, will never serve your highest intent. Without living your highest intent you will drift in life, from person to person, job to job, house to house, or thing to thing. It will feel like you are satisfied, but you'll get bored, restless, and even arrogant at times, an arrogance in which the ego dictates your life. Your new normal is the world of ego.

Remember, the job of ego is to keep you in the world of the familiar, not the world of discipline. Even as I was sharing with someone today, you have to harness the ego, and create a discipline around it, or in its most negative form, it will kill off the life that is meant for you. I know you know what I mean. Instead, spend 30 minutes alone, lie down or sit, now sound, music, binaural beats, or cheerleading guru, just you with you. While you are sitting, imagine that there's another you slightly above you, or a you that's placing an arm of comfort around you, but a you from a higher space that truly loves you, and wants what's best for you. A you that can tell you why you have chosen what you have chosen, a you that can help you make decisions in life, like should I get married, should I move, is this job bringing out the best in me, what kind of healing work am I here for? Just ask, sit in silence and you will hear, feel, sense, image and know the answers.

With this process, and remember there is no easy fast, fix in life. None...there's just work and practice, the practice of going inward, no drugs needed, you will get there through your breath and intention.

As you practice contemplation, reflection (only reflect on the past is it serves the present), and loving in the moment are you best allies. This practice will bring you in alignment with your soul self, it will bring you clarity and a deep knowing of what you are here to do. What you are here to do may require a shift, well, it will require a shift in thought, feelings and actions. Sometimes, it's subtle, like change in residence, change in job, change in relationship...which can be big things, and sometimes it means leaving it all behind, but you'll know, you'll be tested and the lessons will drive at your door.

So, put down the phone, the remote, the iPad and the music and go's the only way to know you.

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