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How to clear blocks: why do we keep repeating the same patterns?

We talk about the world of positivity. Positive thoughts, energy and emotions, and in general the alchemy of your soul coordinates its center through frequency. The resonance of your vibration has to go somewhere, and if we choose the negative, that's where it goes. If we choose positive thoughts, and feelings every 30 minutes throughout the day, watch what you manifest.

It's through practice of our vibration, or what Ester Hicks refers to as the "vortex," that we find our center frequency. When you are in your vortex, or what others may call the zero point, there is no wanting, or resistance. You are in perfect flow with your inner being, and your connection to source energy, great spirit, or the larger unified whole. When you are in this flow, you are in the receptive mode. The receptive mode is the mode of allowing. Animals have this down perfectly. Whatever our words that we use to describe this peak experience, you know when you are there. Words can't explain the Oneness of the moment. That's the feeling you're going for.

What makes this a challenge? Simply, our programming. There's been a lot of effort put out over the years to keep us humans from experiencing our inner peace and joy. Why the negative agenda? Well, because we are easier to control and manipulate if we are off course in life. If we give into distractions, avoidance of emotional pain, or become addicted to something else, then we can become like sheep, easily herded for the sake of a larger agenda. I know it sounds conspiracy-like, but it is a truth and fact that you can easily explore. The question is why is our personal inner power (or our infinite mind) so wanted by other beings? Mostly, other beings, which we can refer to as banking systems, and private, powerful folks, grow in energy as we become weaker. It is because these beings are aware of our infinite power through thought. They are way ahead of most of us in knowing that what we think, we create. Imagine, what would happen if everyone knew their internal frequency of thought, coupled with emotion could yield a beautiful planet, sustainable food and forests, no use for fossil fuels, a kinder, less competitive world?

On a smaller scale, we are often controlled by thoughts from our theta experiences of childhood. We absorb the imprinting of emotions and beliefs often through our parents. You know this by tuning in to your current situations in life. I always like to ask questions, so a good question to begin with is, "where is your life moving in the direction of what you don't like, or don't want?" "What patterns, do you notice, that you keep repeating?" Recall a time in you life when you didn't feel supported. When was this?

This method that I'm sharing with you is a powerful way to clear patterns that remain stuck in your mind, beliefs, emotions and physical body. The most common patterns I see are related to money, relationships, careers, personal fulfillment, freedom from control, co-dependent relationships...all of these are coming from the lower chakras and are governed by fears around survival, or the fear of lack.

This approach is similar to EFT, which you can read on previous posts, and the energy healing work I do, but I like to zero in on the emotional piece because clearing it means no more narratives blocks that are holding you back from expanding your life, and expanding in such a way that you can fully participate in the world around you as a person of true free will.

With the few questions above, what Id' like for you to do is ask yourself what have been my thought patterns, or what negative, stupid story have I repeated to myself or someone else this week?

If you haven't had a story of the week, then just tune into an area that you feel blocked. Let's say it's money, or the fear that there isn't enough money. Think of an experience when an issue of lack of money showed up for the first time in your life. An example, might be, that you noticed your parents counting coins to go the grocery store, because they were between pay checks and needed milk. Then, ask yourself when you duplicated this behavior of lack. Let's say you wanted to take a trip, but you knew you had other financial responsibilities and forfeited the trip. In this case, what you may have learned is guilt. So, you may say, "I feel guilty for wanting, because what if I spend, then find out there's not enough later." Our mental logic that rests within these subconscious beliefs can play out in generalizing the original distortion, and pretty soon, a person begins to believe, "I can never have what I want." "There's never enough." Or, "if I spend on myself, then someone else will suffer." See, how these statements, and obviously your own play out in your decisions, and your relationships.

If you are in a relationship in which you feel guilty for spending, and your partner likes to spend, then you can see where power struggles around money ensue. Again, these are expressions from belief patterns, or models of reality that didn't even come from you.

So, here's a way to clear the block around scarcity of money (or lack in general...lack of love, lack of worth, etc.), and begin to accept that abundance is a natural part of your being here.

1). What is the main emotion about "not enough?" What other emotions and beliefs do you connect around the fear of lack of money? Is it the emotion of loss, fear of not being able to survive?

2). Now, where do you connect this feeling in your body. If you had to locate it, where is it? Is it in your chest, your stomach, your legs, your lower back, the back of your neck? Just notice when you become anxious about not having enough, notice the area that feels tense.

3). Now, allow yourself to feel connected to light. Imagine a bright light entering the top of your head and moving through your body all the way to and through your feet. Imagine this light circling around your body covering within, and around.

4) Know that your energy body is light and vibration. The thoughts, feelings and emotions are lower density. Right now we are connecting to the greater knowledge of your light. The story that you have been holding onto is the old story, the denser energy.

5). With the following mantra, we will clear the lower density story. Repeat 5 times, "I clear and transmute across all time, dimensions, space and reality."

6) Finish with the question, "what would it take for me to feel supported in the area of money?" Think, greater acceptance of what is, greater love for the self, greater gratitude for what I have. This is again a good tail ender to the practice as it keeps your vibration tuned into the higher knowledge so the old patterns can clear.

Remember, when we activate something without resistance, it comes...when the dominant energy is "I don't have this," that's what you attract. Things will flow when you drop the oars. Stop taking about what you don't have and make what is already in your existence your stronger vibration.

If you need assistance in practicing and activating this process, feel free to reach out.

Best on your journey,


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