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How Good Can it Get?

Let's start out with the concept that we live in a universe that is neutral. The universe as an energetic, organic evolving being does not hold any personal connection to good or bad. It is simply expressing itself. As energetic beings connected to the unified whole, we are doing the exact same thing; expressing ourselves. Within our life record we collect experiences. Experiences are designed to assist us in our spiritual and collective evolution. We conclude that experiences either feels good or bad, then we accumulate bad debt from our experiences, or good graces.

In fact, if we can keep our neutrality, life would be a greater, more fulfilling experience. However, that is not the case until we develop enough emotional escrow, a sound anchor that holds us in balance whenever we have a reaction to something.

Most of our reactions to the outside world ( disempowerment, illness, abuse, job, relationships, finance, location, etc), are often triggered from an inner place of fear, apprehension, and doubt, leaving us to feel anxious with what otherwise would just be neutral events. When we scan our histories, it is important to take note of the themes in which you keep patterning around. When you do this, you canvas an aspect of life that you are wanting more information about so that you can heal it, transform it, and move on from it. However, sometimes patterns may repeat so that we can choose a new response to an old..."here we go again"....situation. Nonetheless, we feel differently when we trip the trigger wire each go around.

For instance, we can often become hardwired from experiencing trauma from earlier life situations, such as extreme financial loss, that when triggered from an unanticipated lack of employment creates a spiral of panic and fear. Many of our current generations fear of financial loss stems from many generations before; it just becomes downloaded into our DNA history. In addition, if emotionally or physically abused as a child, we can become triggered in relationships or jobs in which we feel devalued, or restrained.

I want to share a few ways to help move from trauma induced memories. Much of it, as the title suggests, is creating a new language system. You wouldn't believe how often we say the same things to ourselves, the patterns of language that are deeply embedded in the use of words. For example, when I work with inter-generational families, often the child, adult and grandparent, I often see the same words used when describing a situation, even though no member has any awareness they're doing it. It might be the word 'selfish,' or 'horrible,' but the words are identical. For example, I asked a child to describe her estranged grandmother and she said she was a narcissist. After laughing to myself, the father and grandfather used the exact same words. So, this is how we do it. We talk from the traumatized memory, then fire and wire our cortisol to keep us within the fight or flight mode. It is not to say, that a person is feeling anxious when describing a situation. It means that the words that are being used are within the subconscious mind, meaning that the pattern is being repeated without the conscious knowledge of the person speaking.

The first clue is to be aware of your thoughts especially about themes that are troubling you. Notice what words you say to yourself, like "I feel stuck," or "I'm lonely," or "depression runs in the family." Just gently scan your thoughts. Now, ask yourself how you feel when you think these thoughts? For instance, I have read of a man who stated that he was going to die at age 75. When asked why he thought this, he said because his father and uncle both died at 75. Guess what? He died at 75. This is how powerful our words are!

Next, instead of seeing situations as downward spiraling begin to ask, "how good can this get?" By bringing a question of hope and lightness to an event, we create a movement in the direction of healing. We begin to see the world as more playful, not as serious, and more as if we were in charge of thoughts and feelings, which we are. Treat each moment of your life as a continuous awakening, or your evolution and journey of knowing. IT was never meant to be a life of fear and suffering. Those are only reflections of conditioned living. When we live conditionally we fear everything after awhile. When you live moment to moment with a different mantra, a mantra that feels light and playful, like "how good can it get?" then you begin to fire and wire relaxation, fun, humor, joy, contentment, curiosity, and fulfillment.

Give this a try. These are just two tips to practice. When you get really good, a big thing might normally knock you down, but you will notice that you are walking with your thoughts in real time, not in the past. When your thoughts are in real time, you really have ascended and created a mastery for yourself.

Until then, see how good it gets!


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