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The Psychic Is In: Deepening your counseling, coaching and healing experience

At last, after years of dedicated psychic and intuitive practice, I decided to add deepening your sessions through the psychic pathway to your experience. Currently, my services cover a plethora of options that include: Usui and Karuna Reiki, Life Coaching, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Professional Counseling (licensed in PA), National Certification in Counseling, tools from the way of the shaman, Animal Communication, EFT (an aspect of energy psychology), and more recently certification as an intuitive/psychic through the James Pragh Mystical School. Within the next few months, I will also cover valuable NLP practice options, as we journey toward how to harness the power of the mind. Sometimes a session can involve tools from all modalities; one never knows.

It is my hope to assist all beings in increasing awareness through understanding the biofield energy system (what, for the most part I am psychically reading), and tuning in to your personal and ancestral history. It is so much fun and enlightening to speak to our ancestral loved ones, specific family members, including animals, places you have lived, and potential future probabilities that may exist for you. It is especially interesting to "see," and "feel" your developmental years since your incarnation, and occasionally tune into what you may have experienced before this incarnation.

In my humble view, the traditional model of counseling that holds a belief that person "gets" a disorder via chemical hodgepodge, or genetic predisposition, or even the idea that trauma seals one's fate is incredibly disempowering and non-inclusive to the whole human experience. I especially find it even more troubling and further disempowering to encourage chemical solutions via the world of psychopharmacology. Chemistry doesn't alter the thought, feeling and emotional spectrum of a person, it either prevents full feeling and excitement (when dopamine and serotonin receptors are blocked), or it leads to a emotional distancing from the core soul self. I have seen so many people who live within a flatline hum in the world, and not access their greatness due to the chemical impact of psychopharmacology. Notwithstanding, that there is little statistical evidence of success, and most drug interactions are never studied for their interactive effects on the body. If you ever read a label such as Busbar, for example, there is a point in which the label reads to the effect, we have no idea what this drug does. It is an old over-used model based on the dated concept that the mind and body are separate. Nothing could further be from the truth.

It is interesting to also note that the model of reality that I am proposing had been the original healing model from lifetimes ago. Humans used to be able to tap their inner knowing, know how to heal a wound, or an emotional hurt, often with the support of a shaman, healer, or community members. Our inner knowing is a greatest resource, and I love teaching people the tools on how to access this ability. It's natural, although, in most people quite dormant.

Many of my sessions over the years have involved a deep knowing about the person sitting across from me. I often blurt something out, that I have no idea where it comes from, that seems to resonate with that person's inner road map of life, (this is a form of guidance that we all have). Sometimes, even before a person arrives, I will have a thought or feeling about him or her. A few weeks ago, for instance, while getting my dog out of the car, I randomly said, "come on backyard Becky, let's go." A few hours later, while meeting with someone, we got on the subject of someone named Becky. It was then that I revealed my sentence from earlier. There was a cute story about Becky and a backyard, so this is the way that information can flow when the intuitive center is awake, and opened.

What to expect using the psychic pathway in a typical session: First off, absolutely any one with an open mind can benefit, even the skeptics (which I encourage). Some people are looking for assistance in a career path, relationship conflict, health issues, grief, death and dying, etc. However, within the reason for coming to counseling, there is always room for inner guidance, as it can really help a person come to terms with something, feel relief, access her or his own personal channel of inner knowing, or resolve a past trauma, and provide answers to physical healing. I always respect the state of mind and value system of each individual. This is not a religion, or a forced spiritual directive, it is simply allowing for intuitive and psychic impressions to form a better understanding of a situation that you might be experiencing.

Many times the revelations are incredibly inspiring, or comforting, and sometimes not remembered immediately by the recipient, but sometimes, in a flash the memory happens. For instance, one time I told a person that his grandparents were connected to the Titanic, and had actually been near, on or saw the actual ship. The person denied this emphatically, only to go home, go through some photos and saw a picture of his grandparents in front of the Titanic.

Typically, a person who would like to make an appointment in person, or on line, or over the phone, is looking for assistance in some aspect or many aspects in life. It could be a chronic issue repeating a pattern across time, such as in relationships, or career choices, or financial ups and downs, or can be a feeling of being stuck on what direction to choose on where to live, or uncovering the soul's primary purpose and lessons. I often couple this with a full energy healing session, as this is still the easiest way for me to tune into your whole being, and to access data stored within the energy body. However, a person can bring a photo or bring in an object if they want to know more information about some historical point, or a person from the past. I also can tune into your personal history (some of which you may not know) by sitting or standing.

Many times I add numerology so that you can get a feel for what lessons you are here to learn, how others perceive you, and a detailed look at the current year and the year ahead. I also can delineate your path of destiny, the best type of partner for you, and if in a long term relationship, the types of conflicts you have, why you have them, and how to resolve them.

All of these tools make up a nice comprehensive session lasting about 90 minutes. The fee is $120.00 and is payable at the time of session, or via PayPal if over the phone. Many times, we will have additional sessions to focus on specific goals and create outcomes. The sessions fees for subsequent sessions is $75.00.

In a time where we can invest in many things, I believe the value in investing toward your wholeness, well being and creating a fulfilling life with peaks of awareness, joy and purpose.

You can reach me at or 607-857-3852

Blessings on your journey, Kathy

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