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Voting: Using your inner guidance to determine what's right for you

First off, I find it incredibly odd that there is a degree of mobbing around anyone who isn't buying into consensus thinking. Consensus thinking just means that a majority of people believe a thought, so then, everyone else should also believe that thought. We have encountered this bizarre anti-trumpism, for one. If a person ever declare that Trump might make a good point, he or she secondly denotes, "not that I am for Trump." It's almost as if, if one were to truly say what he or she thinks in contrast to consensus thinking, then persecution ensues.

This goes for the same as voting. I, for one, often don't vote. I have found the concept of voting to be admirable, and people can and should certainly cast their ideals into the political structure as one method of change. It, however is not the only method of change, nor is it the most efficient or powerful. It is simply a tradition based on a belief system of personal persuasion through the enactment of representatives that would most likely reflect the plight of the common person.

This is however, not true in today's world. How many of you state a conviction about something and actually follow through on it? How many of you can stay true to a commitment even for a day? Like, I'm not going to drink a diet soda today, or I'm not going to buy Exxon gas, or I'm not going to drink water manufactured by Nestle, or drink a Coca Cola. We know that what I am suggesting is that many corporations dominate our daily thoughts and behaviors, but how many are willing to give up conveniences like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or plastic bags, for a real commitment to change?

I know many have ,and you should be really commended for your steadfast devotion to a new world, a world of sustainable harmony, one in which many are governing their own behaviors within. It takes the internal self to manage the outer world. The mistake, in my humble view that is made, is that we believe an outside source is going to solve all the problems through the enactment of new laws, and governing systems. No, that's not how it works. Change is an inside job. This is no different than a person who is sick, who goes to a doctor, finds out the diagnosis, takes medicine, then perhaps, and only perhaps becomes well again. What if, that same person, listened to their own bodies, paid attention to their own internal signals, and recognized that the body might need more rest, or could use a few days of zinc tincture, or could benefit from balancing their emotions within a troublesome area. Like I say, it's not about assuming that voting is a bad thing, it's about assuming that someone outside of you is going to solve the issues that you could be solving just by changing what you think and do.

For example, we know that poverty, poor health and lack of organic food isn't available to all humans, wouldn't it make sense to start our issues at the most basic humanitarian level. So, when we vote are we voting for free energy, solar energy, wind energy and green food? Are we willing to stand up to industrial farming, corporations that produce the most pollution and toxins in the world? Are we willing to change our habits so that children aren't hungry?

Your votes for clean water, clean air, a world that is reflective of a harmonious nature with animals, plants, and solar system are all imperative, but how many state leaders, government officials and presidential candidates are clear of being purchased by corporate giants to lead the way? Can. you say Monsanto, hydrofracking companies, Perdue chicken...come on, these giants in the field of dollars shut down change.

Where does change begin? With you, with your community, with your personal integrity, with your purchasing power, with your willingness to say no more, with your persistence in your personal empowerment and awakening, with knowing that each of you is a leader, that you are powerful in your own right, with knowing that you don't need to be dependent on another to be in charge of your issues, to know that you can be in charge of the issues and rally gatherings for what you are interested in.

WE can no longer sit back and wait for change. You really have to be the change. You have to stop listening to mass media, turn it off, turn into you. Stop believing in Disney, and the fabrication that there isn't pure evil in our midst, evil that wants to eradicate you. How is this so? Keep tuning into media, and pretty soon, they will have you believing that there is a two party system, one is right, and one is wrong. Hate is being downloaded into you daily, and you don't even know it.

Keep yourself healthy and away from sources that cloud your mind, your integrity, keep opened to those who have awakened and are trying to help you. Stay opened for change. We must remember we have been conditioned to believe that something outside of you, some external power will make the world a better place. This isn't true at all. There is nothing outside of you. Everything exist within the same whole. this is a game being played out, just like the matrix, except you are being used to purport an agenda that you are not aware of.

Voting by itself will have little meaning. You are voting because you feel like you are doing something, and something is better than nothing. Many local and regional representatives are giving heart and soul believing they can impact the whole. I do know they do, really, I do .

Change has to start somewhere and I am glad many of these folks are following what feels right.

The bigger picture is the problem. The best solution is to create a new timeline reality. Yes, pull into quantum mechanics and begins to channel the life you truly want for yourself. Ask yourself questions, like if this was the perfect world, what would it look like, feel like, taste like? What wold people be doing for a living? What would education look like? What would a day at work look like? how would we treat our animals? Where would we play? What kind of relationship would we have with the natural world?

This is how you change reality? It comes with a deep envisioning of what you desire, what you really love and what you have passion for. It doesn't come with what you hate, what you fear, what you deplore. That's just tribal warfare, going round and round the hamster wheel. And, right now, that's what voting is, maintaining the hamster wheel. Keeping the slave-master relationship intact.

So, keep opened to what you can create in your mind, your heart and your actions. This is how we individually change reality. Look only to those representatives that reflect your image by what you see him or her doing, not saying. Words are not truths, actions are truths.

Blessings on your empowerment journey,


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