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Feelings: the difference between 3-D manifesting and 5-D

Your emotional guidance system is a system that's housed within the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind (I have written about in previous blogs) is responsible for the memory of past experiences. ALL your past experiences are remembered through emotions, not just the visual reciting of an event. For instance, if I asked you to tell me about the first time you were embarrassed in public, you would recall the event from a feeling standpoint. Your body might show signs of flushing around the face, or a queasiness in your stomach, or, a feeling of wanting to vacate the area.

The subconscious mind also stores general memories and belief systems that were downloaded at various times in your life. The subconscious mind holds these patterns as if they are true and real, and plays the patterns (thoughts, emotions and beliefs) in present time. This is why a memory of something elicits a response in the body because your body is the storage area for your emotional memories.

This is why change can be difficult for people because the conscious mind sees what the change could look like, for example, you want more money to come into your life, but the subconscious mind holds a dominant belief that says making money makes you arrogant. Therefore, attempts to become more financially abundant become sabotaged because the belief around money (the subconscious storehouse of data) has been imprinted with an intense negative emotion. This is why using your emotions to guide you toward a better feeling is a key factor in changing your actions toward what you really want.

With this method, and a few others that I will share with you, you can literally become a different person and create the life you want just by tuning in to your emotional body.

When you are in any conflict in life, decisions will be based on what belief has been repeated enough, with emotional intensity crystallizing that belief. So, you live on a timeline based on these impressions. Think about where you feel most stuck in your life. With honesty, you may find several areas that you really want to do something different in. Maybe you want to try a new kind of work, or you want to change a relationship, or your afraid to take risks, whatever it is start examining your beliefs about these areas. Always ask, "what would I have to believe is true to feel the way I do." A recent example might help. A client shared with me that he always wanted to start his own business, but could never get the courage because he found that most business start ups fail. Did he know this for a fact? No, he heard it from a friend of a friend, and because it fit with his emotional belief (risk taking can lead to scarcity), he chose the belief that matched his frequency of fear.

The challenge is to really look at that belief, again, remember the subconscious mind gets it's power through repetition. It's a worn path that consists of automated learning, both positive and negative. Your subconscious mind, for example, holds the memory of how to tie your shoes. Remember the sequence when you were little? Or, remember how to tighten or loosen a bolt, or cap? Lefty loosey, righty righty? These are all repeated programs that become automated so that you can free up your conscious mind.

How do you actually change? Here are a few techniques that you can use to bypass the conscious mind and get to the core of the belief, emotion, memory or pattern that got originally downloaded. First off, you don't have to spend a lot of time examining old beliefs, but you can if you wish. It's helpful to get an idea of what beliefs you may still be connecting with that really don't serve you anymore. For instance, you may fear that if you leave your job, you will lose stability, because what you really want is something more fulfilling, but you fear that means economic upheaval. Well,perhaps in your family system, you witnessed or heard of someone who changed jobs, then lost everything. In your subconscious wiring, this got downloaded and now your body (the subconscious mind) becomes anxious at the thought of changing jobs.

Your intent is to change the feeling in your body by shifting slightly in a different direction, one that feels better than anxiety. For instance, saying to yourself, "even though my current job isn't satisfying, and I would much prefer to be an artist full time, thinking about being an artist feels like an exercise in imagination." "It feels good to imagine myself practicing my artistry." The point of these statements is that you want to invoke a calmer feeling. You don't want to say, "Oh my god, what am I thinking? I could never be an artist, become I would die of poverty."

See the difference in the feeling? One emits a curious, inquisitive, lighter response from the body, and one elicits the firing of the adrenal glands. Which one would lead to a change in the subconscious mind believing the data presented? The one that has been fed the same thought/feeling patterns over time. This is when most people give up. Fear is a powerful motivator, but only because it also has been brainwashed into us. So, simply practice the positive thought/feeling statements until your body relaxes. Practice this 15 minutes a day, and your body will begin to believe a new truth.

Another way is to see yourself the way you truly want. Let's say you want to quit smoking. As long as you see yourself as smoker (in the present), you will continue to smoke. Your subconscious mind feeds the body the truth your are telling it, and plays in the NOW. If you want to quit smoking, one way is to introduce yourself as a non-smoker, or introduce a new belief to your body several times throughout the day. In this case, deciding to mediate for 15 minutes a day is a practice that teaches the beauty of breath in aligning with the body. As you practice a new experience, the old "self" that smokes begins to not resonate with the new "healthy" self.

A great practice that the subconscious mind story telling with fairy type narratives or the use of symbology. There's a difference, for example, I remember loving the Lion King when my daughter's were of the age to enjoy it. The story around unity, togetherness, ending suffering and creating collaboration is more powerful if introduced in a story telling way. To give a speech, or recite affirmations don't necessarily bypass the conscious mind. However, the subconscious mind picks up on the metaphors and downloads a new belief much quicker. This is why storytelling to your children, and I often use a story in hypnosis to activate metaphors. The subconscious mind also responds well to abstract Mandelas . These are beautiful art forms, that you can color and design (coloring book version), or you can watch these on youtube.

In our 3rd dimensional world we do operate on a feeling level. This is beautiful, but sometimes our manifestations don't happen because we change our emotional vibrational state. For instance, I have often created ideas in my mind, only to doubt the ability for much of them to come true. I cite money, time or lack of confidence in the ability to put the work into the creation. As soon as I do this, the idea vanishes, and is often replaced with a new one. This cycle can repeat itself, and the reason is because the emotion and excitement that was created in the inception, is not sustained.

As we move into 5th dimensional reality (change in frequency) we are capable of manifesting from thought alone. The trouble again is that one must learn to harness a thought long enough for full expression, or to keep the thought with an intention to create from the heart structure. In 3-D we create through the emotional structure, and many times the ego (self-serving). In 5-D we create from the heart-mind connection from a service to others intent. When we are aligned with service to others, creating from this aligned integrity allows for a different form of expression.

In 5-D we become the observer of the 3-D (4-D is space) self. We see the fluctuating emotions, and instead of getting upset with our emotions, we use our higher-wiser observer self to coach thru the manifestation process.

It's the dedication to understanding that we are shifting and changing for the better, and this requires patience, practice and times of great reflection to glean the process. Spending unhurried time in nature, realizing our connections to all life, and knowing that your are finding your way back to your authentic being are enough to know to assist with your ever-changing heart and soul.

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