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Thoughts can heal

What is healing? Let's start off with understanding that healing begins at birth. The old adage that death begins at birth is absurd. Life and continuation of the consciousness of life never stops. We exist and will always do so. We may change form, but our nature of existence doesn't stop at our death, and isn't limited at our birth.

Healing, in general, is a return to wholeness. It is the still point in which the body, mind , feelings and emotions create and sustain a balance. We often are in states of wholeness in and out all day, everyday. We can drop out of this alignment of balance by the foods we eat, holding negative emotions, blaming the past, feeling chronic upset, or from downloading toxins and contaminants within our environment.

It is key to remember that we are non-physical beings experiencing a human phenomena. We operate through the vehicle of a biological system, which only means, that we can influence the body through our state of mind, and our non-physical access to additional information.

Healing is a by-product of the conditions in life in which we live. We are born fulfilled and whole in spite of the circumstance surrounding our earthy arrival. In some cases, we can recall the setting around our birth. I know of several individuals who can remember what conversations, moods, feelings and even what mom had on the day of their birth. Remember, as a non-physical being, we also choose the vehicle in which we arrive. The body, then becomes the tool, and the experience for which we travel this density.

Healing our bodies starts with our thoughts. There are many beings who choose to eat less than healthy, or don't have access to healthy nutrients, and remain fairly healthy, however that cannot be said of thoughts. I often joke that angry people can live just as long as joyful people, because they feel aligned with their anger. Their anger supports the energetic direction of their life (e.g, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers). An example of what good can come from anger, and what passion it ignites in transforming awareness. However, most of us don't see the merit of maintaining anger within the energy field for any substantial time. It's useful as a short energy burst, but daily anger isn't. The reason this is so, is because it is incompatible with the way most of us want to feel. We can certainly become addicted to anger and it's neighboring emotion, frustration, and yes, healing is so much about clearing the denser emotions from our energy fields, but if you just say, "I don't like anger," yet, you don't know why you keep calling into your life, it will only push below the surface and show up in sabotaging ways, such as in career decision, relationships and health.

Healing, a state of wholeness, starts with examining thoughts and emotions, not so much through analysis, but by how it makes you feel. If you start your day with a same frequency of dread, followed by an accompanying emotions of despair, then your actions will reflect this state of emotional language and thought. Therefore, every day becomes a replay of the day before. This is why it's hard to change, and this is the reason we often become ill.

instead, the key is to recognize the thought pattern you have upon awakening, and know that you have a choice in how you want to think and the direction of your thoughts. You don't have to say, "I hate my job and don't want to go to work." Go beneath that thought and really ask yourself the question, "what is it that creates the thought of "doing something unwanted?" You could say, "lately, work hasn't been challenging, or work has been so challenging that I don't think I can ever get caught up." This is a statement that you can work with just by wiggling it around some. You can then say, "sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel helpless." An even better way to massage the thought feeling process. This way you can move from a general statement of overwhelm and helpless feeling, to one of confidence and acceptance.

In the example, overwhelm and helpless are useful because you can then channel overwhelm to a different feeling, such as "tired," "needing a break," or shift into a feeling of relaxation or excitement toward something else. Following the example, overwhelm, can feel frustrating, or confused or discontented. These energies are more mobilizing and action oriented.

When we are healing ourselves, our bodies respond best to words of relief and calm, followed by an action to do something else unrelated to the original downloaded thoughts/feelings. In other words, as long as you tell your body that it's tired, it will be tired. Your body (which is your emotional landscape within a physical form, and also is the container for most of our automated, subconscious programs) believes whatever you tell it. This is why post traumatic stress ( the replaying of an event which we believe is happening in the now) downloads the event into the physical body, so that the body panics, even though no threat is present. Taking an action upon a different feeling provides an avenue that creates a neural discovery. Remember our species thrives on novelty, not sameness. We have been brainwashed to believe that the unfamiliar is unsafe, that exploring our inner most desires will lead to risk, and self-destruction. When's the last time you heard someone tell you their life dream and you supported it? Or when did you share your passion, and it was supported?

Healing, then become an integrated process of thoughts and feelings. Chronic negative thoughts/feelings create density. Where does density thrive? In the physical body. This is why opiate addictions are on the rise. There is always going to be an external, out there catalyst that robs the mind and body of it's knowledge of it's innate capacity to create and choose a preferred reality, and opiates is just the latest robber of this truth. Those beings who become addicted (addiction is the giving authority to something that one perceives as more powerful than their inner being), and then creates a craving for this authority to govern their lives, because they don't remember a time when their inner joy was dominant. The key to healing anything is to begin the journey homeward to the inner self. Not easy, by any means, because the inner self is often trapped in a dungeon, and can't remember the feeling of light, or source energy.

Changing this pattern takes practice and courage, because we have to be wiling to leave our ego at the threshold of change. Our ego, which is only the persona that manufactures our personality for survival, is a great tool, but it should never have the lead pert in our lives. Surrendering ego means that we live first through our hearts (the seat of compassion), allow humility to serve us, and begin a process of gratitude, thankfulness and service. These five parts, will get you through any health or addiction crisis, but it is a moment to moment daily devotion.

If someone you know can benefit from your personal healing, always send them a beautiful bubble of energy and imagine this energy engulfing their being, and say, "May source walk with you, and grace hover over you." We are all healers and catalysts of change. Start with you, and allow your inner guidance to move emotions and thoughts to higher vibrations, even if for one hour a day. You will notice each day, that you are holding the vibration a little bit longer ,and a little bit brighter.

The beauty of returning to wholeness is that once you know how to practice, you then become a beacon for others, which reinforcers keeping your energy light, and vibrant. You will also notice that your imagination and ideas begin to soar, energy creeps back in, the choices you make will be different, and that you are becoming the best version of yourself that you always dreamed of.

If this article or my assistance can help you or someone else with healing body, mind and spirit, feel free to email me.

Blessings on your journey

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