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All We need is love

The Global AHA moment is here!

We need to congratulate ourselves! Holding a lighter frequency for several decades has paid off collectively. Those of you that have dedicated your path to teaching, healing, helping others through your deep-seated compassion are the first wave to feel the feeling that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Indeed, we have co-created the world of our choosing. Now, on the surface things may not look so different because the shift is a greater feeling, and resonates within the emotional body. The shift, or event isn’t an actual physical change…the earth looks the same, the sun is shining, we’re still going to work, but you may notice that you feel differently.

The shifting of our frequency has been occurring at a rapid rate for decades. We’ve been noticing that our lives are moving quicker, time seems to flow faster, and our memories of the past aren’t so solid. The reason for this is that as we co-create the present, we re-write the past.

No longer do we need to hold on to pain, suffering, or our individual and collective woundology. We have given ourselves a cosmic permission slip to not carry the same old downloads. It’s not that we won’t still create negative subconscious programs (e.g., I’m not good enough), but we won’t download the collection of cultural karma that has been a integral part of our history as humans. We are also learning much more about who we really are, and our actual history. This is important because what we have always imagined as truth, is not true. Each person will unravel what they need to know or search for in their own timeline, but plenty of information is available if you wish for a jump start.

Those of you who have already accessed this information know that you are a complex being and have come here to invoke your talents and gifts, through the heart, because by living your love of what you do, it shifts the vibration of the planet. This is what I am talking about. There are so many individuals who have chosen to incarnate at this time, so that we can restructure from the archives of our history of. Hierarchies toward a new libration of co-creation and collaboration.

It’s a new day. The process of letting go of the vibrational structure of your heritage can feel painful at times, with moments of grief, sadness, or just some firm sense that you want to do things differently. For example, volunteer or donate, or start a project within your community. There is always some way to take the negative, neutralize it, then shift your energy toward a better feeling.

This activation at this time is no coincidence. It is the results of multiple solar eclipses, and other start-related events that are responsible for providing activation codes (see any repeating numbers lately?) Neo Glimmer is a great resource on activation codes. Check out his work.

We are also learning that we can increase our natural abilities through thought alone. Already a healer of sorts? Then through quiet mediation, or intent, you can keep channeling infinite light to those you are serving. This can be hands on, or in any line of work, where service to others is available to you.

We are pulling away from the reptilian, old structure of individuality, competition and isolation, and moving toward unity consciousness. We know this by the way we are interacting with each other. If you really pay attention, you may really sense that a), you really don’t believe you are alone (unless you let fear take over), b), that there is nothing stopping you from being you (the waiting is over, unless you need permission to be you), c) joy and bliss are not in the future, they are in the now, and every time you focus on the now, you activate it, d), there is a shift in space and time (the world ruled by clock and 3-d time management is slipping) e), there is a greater need to feel a part of something beyond yourself (volunteering, joining meet up group, forums, nature groups), d), we’ve stopped blaming our parents (no more will we need to find an outside person to be responsible for our thoughts and feelings in the now), e), time in nature. Do you feel the call of nature? Suddenly, you want to explore trails, landscapes, waters, animals, heights of all proportions (because you want to be with no cover nature), e), moving toward a donation based economy (right?, like not charge a zillion dollars for something?). A donation based world simply mean pay what you can and want, but there is no demand to pay, only the love of offering something to someone who you feel is valuable to you.

The key to living a new earth reality is to co-create it. Not into the future, but in the now. Imagine the feelings of waking up and seeing friends working together, drinking healthy water, eating sustainable food, receiving health benefits without huge costs, driving solar based cars, living in solar houses, having community gardens, attending local healing ceremonies, appreciating arts, feeling good about raising your child without leaving them at 6 weeks, chartering a course of what you want in collaboration with the whole, never feeling alone, loving your brothers and sisters in your community, having no competition only collaboration, honoring ht elderly, saying good bye to mental illness and drug addictions.

Our future is in the now. Spend some time in contemplation asking yourself questions on what you really want for the collective, your singular nature will fade eventually. From this standpoint, we have so much to learn, yet, we are choosing to be the participants in the significant time line event.

The event that has taken thousands of years of suppression, repression, and exploitation to learn that it’s in nobody’s best interest to serve a master of negativity and control. A master that has to feed itself off the energy of others. This has been our legacy. We have been waking up, and yes, it’s amazing to know that corruption will be revealed, it has too, we can’t continue to invest in humans with evil agendas. We do live in a contrasting universe, one in which dichotomies exist to give us choices, and to inspire us to change.

So, dance, sing, sit in the sun, gather as one in groups across the globe because this is our time of joy, deep love, beauty and honor of our mother Gaia. This is her time to shift, create different polarities and a new quantum structure.

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