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How to change your vibration of anxiety toward the reality you want

What is anxiety? From an energy standpoint it is the anticipation of a future outcome underscored with uncertainty. It is self-doubt. In other words, it's living with conditions placed on our lives because we think we should be able to control the outcome of our manifestations.

Worry and anxiety are very similar physiological conditions and stem from the same core belief. The core belief is alway the same. I ought to be able to control the outcome of the setting I am in, no mater what.

Let's look at a few examples. Becoming anxious during a job interview. Some of this is normal nervousness (wanting to present your best self), and often times it is easy to think one is anxious, when one is just nervous. A good bundle of nerves means your are alive and well and want or desire a positive experience. Many athletes get nervous before an event. I have made multiple trips to the bathroom before big cycling competitions, so in a sense, it's a little performance jitters. So, nervousness within the natural context of a perceived competition is gearing up our bodies, blood supply and oxygen. Another example, is feeling anxious about your health and worrying about a potential negative manifestation. Still another can be feeling anxious when entering a public place because you worry how you might be perceived, or if you will make a mistake. Yet another can be fear of losing a relationship and becoming anxious when certain conditions aren't met (checking in by phone, being late). These are examples of the attachments we make to the environment, and if we spend too much time there, they become crystalized paths. The subconscious mind simply hits the repeat button when we find ourselves in similar settings that match the same feeling.

So, all anxiety is based within the context of fear: what's going to happen to me in the future based on how I am feeling right now. It's the allowing of an outer circumstance to determine how you are managing your inner sense of safety. It comes down to feeling safe and secure, again the perception of attachment to something going on around us, such as a relationship in which we perceive that our job is to do something to assure the safety or security of the relationship. For example, not speaking up, avoidance or even confrontation to keep the relationship at the same frequency. It's the change of the illusion of safety that keeps us limited.

All it takes sometimes is for a tiny trigger to get the anxiety ball rolling. The trigger is often based on a past experience, something that actually happened, or a perceived threat based on past conditioning, or both. For example, if you were a child that became ill often, you may have grown up with parents who naturally wanted to protect you from future harm (remember it is the future uncertainty that is feared, or the perceived attachment to the idea of uncertainty), so they may have reined you in to keep you "safe." Their definition of safety may have been as long as you were with people, went to places and stayed within close proximity, then your safety and health would be preserved.

So, off you go in living life within a certain circle of proximity, never quite stepping out of the safety net. Let's say that you have a conference you have to travel to. Now, you are in your car, maybe not leaving your physical security for years, and suddenly your flooded with anxiety on a highway several hundred miles away. You may have been cut off in traffic in an unfamiliar city (the trigger) and now you fear your death, or the feeling that something terrible might happen to you. Even though in the moment you may have no idea why you are feeling this way, the message to your subconscious mind (your body) is: "see what happens when you go off on your own." It's a powerful program that you may not even know you had because it was never tested. This core belief is managing your life and well-being and up until this moment you didn't even know you were living a limited existence. You just thought you didn't like to travel, or there was no need to leave home.

This is a great opportunity to learn how anxiety is mostly a downloaded program that exists outside your awareness. Now, you can do something about it! In a situation like this, you want to ride the anxiety out (never make a decision in the midst of fear because you just reinforced it). Pull over, breathe, get out and walk around. Say things like, "I feel safe., I'm ok." Do this until the anxiety drops.

Anxiety operates at a frequency of thought and emotion and nothing can change for a person (or animal), when the frequency continues to operate at the same level. In other words, if a person believes he or she is doomed to be anxious, and the feelings associated are continued fear, dread, depression, any vibration and frequency that says, "as long as I feel this feeling and think these same thoughts, then nothing changes for me." This is absolutely true! Nothing will change. Your mind/body will continue to look for evidence and feedback from the environment that anxiety will always persist. It simply doesn't know any better.

Anxiety can easily shift my lifting your vibration, which changes your frequency. Anxiety can't live in a calm body and peaceful mind. There is no place for it to dwell and take up residence. How do you calm the body and mind? One of the most simple techniques is 15 minutes of quiet breathing each day (mornings are best). In just 15 minutes, or even as little as 17 seconds, your body can shift the signal to a different thought. In 15 minutes with deep breathing, allowing thoughts to wander through, coming back to breath, sends the message to your body that we "do calm, we are calm."

In 17 seconds, holding a different thought produces similar results. In 17 seconds, you can take an anxious thought, and move it to a different frequency of uncertainty, then even to a different frequency of contentment. Saying different words to yourself changes your frequency. Saying "I am anxious," is a killer frequency. It contains a lot of toxic energy. It means my guard is up, I'm preparing for flight or fight and the adrenals are rocking!

By shifting your statement to yourself, "I feel uncertain about this talk I am going to give," or " I've done these talks before and they go well for me," and "I enjoy giving talks. It feels good to share with people." So, do you see how the feeling shifts when the words shift?

This is one of the easiest ways to make the change without drugs, without downloading the idea that anxiety is hardwired from birth. Any of these thoughts just keep the frequency low humming.

You are the change. You, in a sense, live within a holograph. There is nothing that exists outside of you. Therefore, everything you project into the world is you. Change what you are projecting, and call forth a different version of your world. I know that seems like an odd concept, but it is the greatest truth I can share with you in my deep meditations, and learning more and more about the nature of what we have been thinking is true, when it's not.

Vibration is what you are, and frequency is what you send out. The vibration of love is the highest that we can be. We are born from that frequency of light and that's why it feels uncomfortable, or even fearful to live within the complex we live in. It isn't your natural frequency.

Anxiety can shift, just like depression (the misalignment of what we want, vs what is), and any other fear that exists within your reality. All come from vibrating at a frequency that is out of alignment with the vibrational, natural you.

Other ways you can shift is to feel more positive toward yourself and others. Give your time and energy outward without complaint. Be of service to someone or a cause you love. Find something passionate to focus on and create it, manifest it. Be it.

All of these tools can help you change your vibration, transmit a different frequency of self and other love, and anxiety disappears.

As always, email, call or send a FB message if I can help you with your journey,


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