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Ajna: I am awake

The sixth chakra houses our pineal gland, or third eye. When the third eye is balanced, it is able to absorb higher mind information, part of our intuitive center for psychic knowing and healing. Many times the third eye may be losing energy, creating an imbalance when we hold on to past emotional debts, personal losses, or living a fear-based existence. By fear-based, meaning that we decline our heritage of taking full ownership of our being, and allow other forms of authority to dictate how we should think, feel and do. You may be familiar with this feeling of testing ideas, but knowing really some just aren't for you. It's giving yourself a truth serum when you can feel what is true for you and what isn't. Some well intended folks may want to influence your daily habits in some way, could be through detoxing, juicing, or a spiritual fad of the week. The third eye is intelligently tuned in to what is truth for you. When opened, it can consider a realm of possibilities and probabilities of thought, exploring a multitude of realities, that look at anything from astral traveling, to the existence of ET visitors. It's that part of our deeper mind that knows that what's on the surface is not all there is. When closed, it shuts down commentary before it's even spoken. It closes off to all considerations, whether it could be beneficial to explore or not.

Ajna, the Sanskrit word translating to "I am awake," is a wonderful mantra to breathe in to the pineal gland region. It is easy to imagine how the pineal gland (a pine cone shaped tiny gland) opens like the way a fire expands after being lit. The 3rd eye is essential to discerning fact from fiction, truth from lie, deception from transparency. It is the elixir of truth.

Do you remember your first unfolding of truths? Your first exploration into the paranormal, the occult, or anything that was so out of the ordinary, that you had to reconsider your basis of reality? I recall a friend a few years back that encountered a spacecraft that "showed up" while a bunch of people were sitting in a field having a party. He specifically recalled losing track of time, feeling detached from his body and not really being in the group, more of an awareness of the group. He realized later that he lost about 10 minutes of time. He simply couldn't recall where, or what he had been doing for at least 10 minutes.

This drifting feeling can often happen when we have our first awakening. The initial wake up of the mind behind the conscious mind. I have had multiple experiences of seeing the world slow down, of having a moment of contact from a source other than my dialogue in my head, of feeling the presence of a divine source, an animal, or special guide that assist me in some greater understanding.

This is what it is to become awake. Why should we awake? What does it really mean to activate Ajna? Awakening is the understanding that you have always really been awake, just not activated, so to speak. It's the knowledge of seeing, feeling, hearing and understanding the realms within the realms...the dreamer of the dream. It is the one who observes all, and sits outside the "I" self, knowing that the self is just a representation fulfilling a destiny within this timeline . So, it sees and understands the multiple dimensions of now, within the now.

Awakening can also mean discerning truths within our reality-could be anything from politics to debates about climate change to fathoming the strength of the dollar. It's that part of the deeper interior soul that says, wow, this is quite an interesting ride. Here's these people talking the same talk, walking the same walk...all in the name of profit or power. The third eye knows it's been at this rodeo far too many times, and allows itself to evolve wisdom like an ancient sage, tucking it away, or expressing it's truths in various forms.

When you access the awakening process, you realize that you simply must activate an expression somehow that resonates deep within you. You feel a surge of vitality of wanting to participate in this soulful dance in whatever way resonates with you. You know that you have personal and soulful power, and you realize that if everyone knew this, we could collectively rock this planet. You know this!

Sometimes, when we awaken, we want to tell everyone else what it's like...assuming they have not awakened. But, we learn that everyone wakes up in their own tine and own way, and often don't appreciate the cosmic nudge we want to give them. However, we can instill, support and encourage other's to expand awakening by doing what they love, by taking more risks in life, but letting go of the past, and by visualizing a world in which one sees him or herself successfully unfolding and living their part of the dream.

So, it's not really in the telling, it's in the allowing. True awakened people have no power to thwart or kingdoms to control, they just want to be and they just want to do what feels passionately and true to them. There is no competition, no force, no push, just the allowing. This is completely different then what we have been led to believe about our origins of survival. It's not about competition, and weeding out the week, it's about the celebration of the parts that become bigger than the whole.

True awakened beings understand that their participation is critical to the universal frequency and vibrational pull of the world, at large. Sort of like holding a string that you can't see the other end, but you know if you drop the string the whole thing can go terribly wrong.

Ajna is the honoring of this sacred knowledge. I am awake. Repeat this mantra every morning for at least 20 are awake, and welcome to the cosmic jungle of expression, expansion, unity, love and gratitude.

As always, I am here to assist you on your personal journey webbed within the collective story.


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