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Your frequency is your identity as your thoughts are to your reality

As we continually expand our awakening, including human consciousness, it will become even more clear that we are shredding our ego-based identities. I recall years ago one of the first things anyone asks is, "what do you do?' I have found it, not only incredibly liberating to hardly ever being asked this question, but equally liberating to not even think to ask it of another. Why is this?

Sometimes, we like knowing someone's vocation because it can be a connection ,or a discussion that can lead to more identity based conversations. For example, oh yea, "I know so and so who does xyz in Denver." This isn't to say this is a negative thing. What I am observing, however, is that we seem to be evolving past the chakra of status, money and power and moving right into heart-based conversations, sometimes with absolute strangers (which is usually the case due to the low demand chance you will see her or him again)!

This observations may not be occurring across all conditions and contexts, but it is a great chance for you to also notice what you notice. It appears that we have collectively crossed a bridge where knowledge of the ego-based identity is not as relevant as the frequency of which a person is functioning.

When you forget about your "self," you become more creative and let go of assumptions about "self." You become an integral part of the wholeness within you and around you. For instance, we can be so caught up in the self made "self," that for one moment here and there, a distraction pulls us out of our internal dialogue.

This is the case oftentimes with a depression. A person may be so consumed with depressing thoughts, the energy that supports those thoughts, and the behaviors that reinforces those thoughts, that all it takes is for someone to ask you directions, and puff, you are out of depression for 10 seconds. You felt good for 10 seconds because you were supporting the unified whole of humanity...a.ka. not your isolated perception of self. Whenever we come out of our bubble, we then see we have more going on around and within us.

This is why it is important to nourish your frequency and high vibrational living by being of service to something beyond your own concept of identity and thoughts. We are an inseparable part of a whole construct of particles. Quantum physics has taught us that we cannot be the observer and the observed. Just through observation we change the landscape of our experience.

Therefore, it is impossible to have one consensus based external reality. External reality doesn't exist. All that exists is a collection of internal realities manifesting all over the place. When dominant energy builds momentum, it can look like "external reality," but in actuality it's a bunch of folks agreeing on the same thing, at the same time. Take the political climate. There's a lot of people who are disgruntled with the current president. This disgruntlement-an agreed upon thought machine-creates and attracts more disgruntled experiences. The universe is always the mirror reflecting back to a perception of reality.

For other individuals, focusing more on being a light-vibrational being and using light energy to manifest a desired world of collaboration, nourishment, healing, ecological well-being and stewarding the world toward a reflection of human intelligence not being limited by other forces, can create a very different reality.

The scope of what I am saying here is that your frequency, the light you choose to vibrate within, becomes your signature. You can be negatively affected by others, definitely, but observe the feelings (this is your primary guide) you have in situations you encounter. What knocks you out of frequency within your environment? There are plenty of parasites within inner dimensions, places you visit, and walls that you walk within. However, know that nothing can occupy space within your energy field unless a) you consciously invite in, or b) you are distracted via alcohol, drugs, or other habitual obsessions and you inadvertently invite a negative energy to take residence within your life force.

How do you know if this is happening to you? How do you feel after visiting a bar, or restaurant, or musical event? Or walking into a store, hair salon, whatever? Just notice if your emotions shift from pleasant to negative? If you suddenly have a negative or depressing thought, chances are you picked up an energy. Notice if you feel uplifted, saddened, disturbed or irritated by places you go? Notice what your next choices are. Do you suddenly not care? Do you want to crash with sugar, or alcohol, skip work or school, or do you feel focused, light, freer?

When you are aligned with your frequency and practice staying in a vibration in which you feel good about you, no matter the circumstance, person or situation, then you are not as easily affected, but you are not immune. We are very easily seduced into giving our energy away for others to manage. Whether it's through shopping, watching television, watching sports or entertainment, listening to news, etc., there are ample opportunities for other individuals, who do not have your highest interest at heart, to take advantage of the hypnotic effect that media, and other less subtle environments have on your energy system.

This is why your frequency is your identity, and not what you believe or not believe in. Your frequency is your signal for what you sense is true of yourself. Your words are really quite meaningless as the universe only hears and matches your frequency. The truth is in the body, not in your mouth. When your words and behaviors match, then yes, you are a highly dynamic powerful being, but you cannot be incongruent. You must live your life with integrity of your choosing, not necessarily what the outer illusion of reality says is true.

When you do these things you are less caught off guard when significant events take place around you. Because you have invested in knowing who you are and why you are here. There is no one specific calling for you, it's not necessarily your vocation, however, your calling can be acceptance, to act in a compassionate matter toward all living beings, to set the example for tolerance, to be a warrior of light, to honor a specific species...really anything that calls you and uplifts you.

Your narrative is not your life, only the story you tell along the way. If your story holds you back, creates suffering, or immerses you in a sense that all the good has already happened, then you must shift your story, or drop it all together. As long as you hold your identity to your story, then you prevent yourself from becoming a fully recognized self within the whole. This is why we seem to intuitively know to stop asking people their stories. Stories of work, life, past mistakes or successes..because the making of the story in the moment carves out the future.

We cannot carve a new future if we continually tell ourselves the same stories of the past. We simply keep reliving the past. The future is always now. Allow your frequency to be your signature and keep moving toward healthier food, a toxic free food environment, supporting your immune system, being in nature every day, sitting or standing in the sunshine, limiting time on cell phones and television, limiting contact with frequencies you do not resonate with-although you may truly learn something valuable by allowing yourself this diversity. Ideally, however, shoot for like minded people who are sharing an uplifting path, the high flying disc you want to ride on..and, yes look to the stars and you will begin to comprehend the language of a world beyond a reality in which, up until now you believed was the only one.

As always, I am available for life coaching, energy healing, soul retrieval work and counseling

Blessings on your journey,


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