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Meaning is your mantra

Our emotional guidance system is one of the most established ways to wiggle closer to a thought that resonates your preferred reality. In other words, unless you are aware of how you feel (you are either in a feeling alignment or not) in relation to your beliefs, then your behaviors and experiences may seem like random circumstances.

It's the circumstances that most people think just happen, and then we get to react to an event in some meaningful way, which is simply a preferred choice. However, if we take the view that thoughts over time (that's your belief system) cultivate your world view, then your world determines a) what circumstances you draw to you and b) how you view the situations as they occur, and c)how to attract the situations and events that will best serve your highest good and the highest good for all. Even deeper beneath these layers are the collective layers of the critical mass that we create in order to learn our lessons here on Gaia. Hopefully, someday more and more will begin to channel consciousness on creating the world of what is desired from a place of peace and sustainability, rather than competition over ideas around survival, but I digress!

Our minds are obstacles toward higher consciousness. Our mind collects the details of our lives, then tells a story of a linear reality. My past, my present, my future. Of course, we know now based on quantum particle theory that all we have is the present. For instance, if we tell a story repeatedly based on a limited scope of life, such as, dad was emotionally distant and mother was controlling, therefore I am this, we literally pinch off some much of our available consciousness and live a life of victimhood. Even if dad was distant and mother controlling, it doesn't mean that a person is the product of these two energies. There is just too many variances that influence the human condition. You really want to expand your story to see multiple perspectives. What has it showed you about you? How have you still been able to be compassionate, loving and giving in spite of how others have treated you?

It can be frustrating to not have the awareness that most events within your personal collection of experiences are neutral. Many of use may think that bad things happen, or good things happen and question, of course, only the bad things. We typically don't want more happiness when we feel happy. We accept the happiness and aren't reaching for even more. This is how alignment resonates. When you resonate within a place of knowing and a feel good feeling-this is the state of mind of happiness. When you view something as "bad" and unwanted, then you may fall out of resonance because you question why. Why am I not attracting a great partner? Why am I not creating a job, career or business that will create freedom and abundance? Why did this health issue happen to me?

The questioning of the unwanted experiences often manifest for several reasons. The first, and probably most significant is the anatomy of how a belief downloads and generates more of what one doesn't want. Our beliefs (thoughts and definitions of beliefs across time) rule your limitations, or where you feel pinched off from the truly expansive you. The easiest thing to ask yourself, is "how is this definition of ________(money, relationships, health) serving me? Does it serve you to feel that you lost the only opportunity of love that you ever had (when the relationship ended), or does it serve you to feel that you will never find a job, or create enough wealth? It can serve you through contrast, the knowing of what you don't want, but hanging on to this space, creates more of the unwanted experience.

Instead of hanging on to unwanted experiences, begin to have a different dialogue that feels better than the one you may be most familiar with. First off, it's always great to tap into your feeling-again we really only have the knowing that something doesn't feel good. For example, if you walk into the office and you sense someone doesn't like you, ask yourself, "what am I believing is true right now to have the feeling I have?" Perhaps you feel rejected, abandoned, angry or confused. Beneath that however, is the belief that operates the mind. You might say, "if I am unliked it places me at risk of being on the outside of a group, and if I am on the outside, I might lose my job." Get in touch with the belief. And then, ask yourself, is that really a true statement. Even if you are unliked in your job, are you at risk of losing your job? And even if that is true, does that mean that you will have no way to pay bills, have self worth, or ever have money again?

You can see howe easily we use fear of the unknown (which is anxiety) to run our lives. Most of our fears are based on a lack belief, or the fear that something is missing that creates a black hole that we can't fill up.

Again, the idea here is that you explore that you are more than you body, mind and belief systems. Most of our beliefs are generated from a very conditioned model of reality. Our reality is often consumed with distractions. Distractions such as television, political commentary, podcasts shows, video games....whatever it is, creates a separation between the automatic self (conditioned mind) and the higher self.

The higher self is your mind that is connected to the all knowing templates of the universe, to the best of your spiritual evolution. Asking deep questions about your life can be answered through mindfulness, silence or a practice that opens up a feeling of awesomeness, expansiveness, deep appreciation and gratitude. It's in these moments that you can call to you a mantra for living. Your true self knows that there is little truth in what happens at the tick tock level of life, for we are far more powerful than that. Whether Trump does this or that has little value. What has greater life is what you believe is true for you. If you believe that you are a reactionary pawn in a world game and that you are manipulated to do this or that, then that really will become your preferred existence, victim of life.

However, if your mantra for living is "I give my best, " or "love heals all," or "I am needed here to uplift others," whatever your purpose statement is, then you will reap the benefits of what you believe is true and real for you.

It's always a choice to live large or to live limited, to blame circumstance or to never see circumstance as something that holds you back. It's to your growth to see circumstance as an opening toward something greater, or as an's always up to you, you have the free will to choose for yourself. You, of course, never have the free will to choose for another, in spite of any behaviors someone may display that you don't like. Love them anyway, and they will see the love in you.