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Are you in, or out?

Learning to heal from emotional suffering becomes an easier process once we understand the nature of all psychological suffering. Psychological suffering, for the most part, is an experience in which we view life through the lens of fear. What do we fear? Mostly, we fear that there is some lack in the world, a lack of something that we think isn't available to us. Lack can be anything from financial resources, to personal value, a scarcity of some kind. How often do you say things to yourself, such as, "If I only I was smarter, better looking, had more money, had greater worth....then I would be fulfilled, or I would be complete...or somehow just enough? This is the conditioned belief that is really at the root of most of our subconscious thoughts that gets imprinted when we are between the ages of 0-7 or so.

The currency of fear lives in the subconscious mind and is encountered when we hit a trigger, or a perceived personal limitation. Let's say you feel inspired by an idea. You think you make the best brownies, and that if you sold them, other people would then enjoy them too. However, after the moment of inspiration hits you...let's say for a full day you are walking around thinking, great, I'm going to start a brownies business. Then, day two you start to break down what it takes to get brownies going into a market. This is when the lack belief starts to hit. Suddenly, the voice of self doubt makes a visit. Self doubt tells you, "why would you think your brownies are better than Joe's brownies down the street, or how are you going to financially support this idea"? Some of the reasoning my be legitimate, however, it ideally shouldn't derail your from a particular inspiration.

In general, whenever you feel an inspired thought, follow it as far and high as you can take it, and then drop it. By dropping it, we are then allowing the expression of the manifested desire to unfold without us controlling the direction of it.

In the above example of brownie making, It may be that the brownie idea loses it's steam, however, if it showed up, then there's a value to the idea, or a similar idea. Don't let hesitation be your guide to give up, or not. Hesitation means that we are allowing doubt to dominate our belief system, when, in fact, the greatest roadblock to any materialized dream is giving up.

The point is, most people live in this state of doubt about their true infinite capacity to manifest from desire because of blocks that dwell within the mind. Most people live in day 2 of this scenario their whole lives. Day 1 is inspiration. Day 2 is doubt, and if any of us can make it through Day 2, then we are consciously creating.

The key to understanding what beliefs limit you from being the more expansive you is to ask yourself, "where do I feel stuck?" or "where do I feel held back, hesitant or in conflict with myself?" In order to glean an accurate reading on yourself is to observe and become aware of how you feel when you are not running on automatic. Routines, in general, keep us from expanding our inner awareness because we tend to tune into the world "out there," rather than our inner compass. For the record, there is no power out there. The external world, even though it is hard to digest, is always a manifestation of the collective whole, always. It is simply the structural mechanics of particle theory. All parts are within the whole, the whole is within the parts. Therefore, your inner world reflects back to you by your outer experience through means of a mirror.

In our brownie baking scenario the outside world would reflect back to you your innermost desires or blocks. For instance, the doubting you may call forth a person in your life that reflects your doubt. The go ahead, what the heck you might also bring someone in that reflects a "go for it," attitude. When you become aligned with your inner knowing, the outer world also reflects this too.

This is also the nature of our minds. Even though we appear to have one mind, the mind that is consciously writing this piece, the mind that dreams, plans, loves and sees our lives from past, to present, to future, we also have a higher mind. The higher mind is the mind of truth, and the mind that connects to infinite knowing, or for some of you, the Akashic records, the reflection of the ONE, the INFINITE MIND. Whatever your terminology, there is an awareness that you are not your body, and you are not your mind. You exist and you always have, and always will. The experience you are living, in a matrix kind of way, is a waking dream. Gaining clarity of your part within the whole will help you direct your emotional compass to true north. Once you unravel this fascinating mystery of who you are within the all, even if you only grapple with the idea that alignment will provide you with the state of mind of love and contentment, is okay.

We don't have to spend our lives seeking, we can rest in the alignment of our authentic nature and live from that center, but it does takes daily practice to know and live this. We are never to speak, or we wouldn't be having this seemingly roller coaster of an earthly experience. Consequently, your higher mind understands this landscape. Often through your night dreams you will have experiences, when your mind allows, that will expand this knowing. The subconscious mind often speaks through metaphors and symbols. For example, a dream of snakes, could be a symbol of an impending transformation ( a shift in job, relationship, or an awakening), or can simply reflect a fear or suspicion of a betrayal by another. You get to play with it, and keep your point of perspective flexible.

Unraveling stuck points within the subconscious mind gets a little trickier. This is because it is the mind that sits outside of our awareness, however, plays a key role in our everyday patterns of behavior. The easiest way to get to know where and how patterns play out, is to look at the results of your life. Are you having a great experience? Why, or why not? What patterns do you keep running into over and over?, What themes are most representative of you in one statement? What are your relationship patterns with money, intimacy and your personal sense of power? Examining these, and more, will begin to allow you to see what belief systems are operating your life. Most of these beliefs are inherently not true (as noted by a bad feeling). Many can be true (as noted by a good feeling). An easy way to tap into this is to ask questions. "What belief would I have to have to feel this way?" For example, let's say you feel that you can't trust your partner with money. So, you find yourself questioning him or her about expenses, and whether a purchase is necessary or not. Yet, you may not do this of yourself. The feeling might be anxiety, "I have all this fear that _____will spend foolishly. You could play this out in the conscious mind by having arguments and power struggles about money, struggles that your partner may not agree with. However, what you really want to ask is, "what is my fear about my relationship with money?" Acting it out by distrusting your partner is an example of how we can fall out of alignment and stir a hornets nest, when the real issue isn't her/him at all;, it's you.

In this scene, ask yourself what beliefs you may have picked up about "someone else spending all the money" resulting in someone else's demise. Whoa, then you find it. Great grandfather Ted spent all his money on an impulse buying a farm in 1909, and lost everything. Great grandma Alice never forgave him and downloaded this belief that one must watch their partner at all costs! Get it.

Typically, the programs we are running aren't ours. It belongs to someone else, but it slips past us because the subconscious mind holds all data of all experiences, even the ones we haven't directly lived. Beliefs get stored within the amygdala of the brain and hang out there until a trigger arises.

Remember, beliefs are just thoughts repeated over time. Several generations of thoughts download and get carried via generational energy downloading.

In the above situation, it becomes easier to let go of an old program by knowing that programs are created to keep us feeling safe and self protected. It goes back to the original statements in the beginning of this article, fear of loss. Fear of loss is at the core of all human psychological suffering, and one can free this feeling of anxiety, depression (all disorders live here) by tapping into the universal agreement that we are emotionally safe because nothing can truly threaten your inner being.

The key is to know that your inner mind is more powerful than your outer circumstances. Only your state of mind is of any matter because situations come and go. This is the learning curve we are all on. If we want to change the world, we must change our beliefs about our power within the world. If you believe that the world "out there" governs your innermost sense of soul and spirit, then that is how you will live, and we will live in a continuation of anxious, fearful experiences (out of alignment because it doesn't feel good). These are the practices that will support you getting back into alignment (your state of happiness), and more will be shared on this journey

Blessings on your journey,


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