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The Precipice of Change: Finding Clarity Through Contrast

We have entered an age in which conflict and polarity surrounds our everyday thoughts, feelings and interactions. Events taking place in the United States seem to bring about a mixture of sentiments that include, despair, joy, discontentment and many unkind statements made to members of our society. We are kind people, and this almost platonic shifting of frequencies, has many shouting in the streets, taking up arms in searching for tribal unity against each other.

Could you have ever imagined that this contrast, this time of great uprising would also have us digging our heals into stubborned convictions, dismissing ideas and even blasting each other on social media, banning friends and alternative media from speaking anything that doesn't fall into popular thinking?

I know that between extremes there are balances, there are many people who haven't awakened, and who have only awakened to the illusion of chaos, perhaps feeling unheard and invalidated. However there are many within the masses who can see through the smoky mountains, the foggy stream beds and the darkest hours. The diversity of thought energy sends out vibrational pulses and within these pulses there are multiple versions of reality, but more importantly the version of reality that you live determines the events and outcomes of your life. In other words, no one really can dominate your reality, unless you create within you the idea that he, she or they do.

So, how did all this vibrational misalignment occur? How is that there are so many individuals who thrive on the ideals of living in a green, abundant universe, see a world of economic shifting for the better, hold dear each person's right to be whomever he or she chooses to be, embrace a kindred value of equality for all, protects species habitats', knows that climate change is very real, sees the graces of enriching children with a vibrant education, and love and appreciate this special Earth because it is our collective home?

It's easy. Because we aren't acting that way. We shift our attention too easily to what we don't want. Remember, wherever we place our focus, is what we give our power to. We have been placing our focus too much on the stopping of what we don't want. From a simple law of attraction formula, what we focus on, we attract. What we focused on became a vibrational match, and then we called it to us. Does that make sense?

What we failed to do in my humble view, was see that if we chose to visualize, practice and believe that a new world had already existed, a world that encompasses all we collectively hold dear, then our attention would pull this world to us. But, it didn't, because that's not what we chose to do. Instead, we created chaos and conflict. In any organization, we know, that chaos and conflict are serve a valuable purpose. The purpose is to create future clarity.

The reason this came into being, the polarity that shifted Trump into presidency (and this is not a statement for or against Trump), it is a declaration that suggests we got what we asked for from the vibrational place we were standing in. This vibrational place (which is all emotion) was fear, anxiety, upset, etc. And when we invest in a fear paradigm, then we shift from a place of empowerment to disempowerment, because we believe that some other authority is going to run our lives, and we want to stop it. In addition to this kind of contrast, we also experienced two candidates who really couldn't stop themselves from mud swinging, so really, in essence, we turned our attention from a place of wanting toward a place of not wanting.

What I find enlightening about all of this, is for the first time in our collective history, we are moving from our narcissism (it's all about what I want), toward a unity of being. We had to choose a narcissist for the job, who better to remind us of what we no longer need to serve the whole? So, think about it this way: we have been wandering around lost in our own personal agendas (separation) and self inflicted nonsense (sin) missing the boat that it is our diversity, which is our true wealth, our earth mother, which is our true home, and our inherited right to live a life of what it means to be truly free.

So gather, or be in your empowerment all by yourself. It really doesn't matter. Numbers aren't necessary, because 1000 disempowered people can't do anything from a place of lack or hate, or wrongdoing. One empowered person, who believes she or he is truly capable of living a life from vision, as if it is already happening, can move a continent. Try it, you'll see.

We created contrast to give us clarity. All good comes from a singular vision repeated frequently. The most essential ingredient to stepping into a future of your desire is to live it now. Waiting implies that something has to come along and make it happen, and then you get to respond to the choices you are given. No, this isn't the way. Change comes from you knowing that you are creating it. So, if you want a better world, know that you have fully created the one you are in. Again, perhaps to help you line up your values, your capacity to dream it into being. It wasn't a mistake, it was a case of mistaking vibrational charging. We simply charged the energy from a place of not knowing our true value and worthiness as human, and presto we got what we created.

Start launching the world you want to live in and drop the resistance to what you don't like. Invest very little in what isn't working. The more you focus on what isn't happening, the more power you give to it. Instead, move your energy into what you want. You want great health, then be healthy. You want a beautiful landscape, then cultivate a garden. You want to reduce waste, then recycle. You want educated children, then read to them. You want to save the rainforest, then buy local. You want to see the kindness in the world, then be kind. You want equality, be an equal.

In addition, it goes beyond behavioral changes. Changes can also happen at the quantum level. Think and feel kindness and love. For 15 minutes every day, imagine that you are sitting in a circle and next to you is someone, and next to them is someone, and pretty soon it's all the someone's in the world sitting in a circle of peace. Imagine that in the center of the circle is a beautiful crystal infused with light. Light charging up and pouring out the energy to uplift the world. Imagine the feelings of what it feels like to be a part of this unity tribe. No hatred, no violence, just profound love. Imagine every day that you smell the earth, touch the sky, sense the trees, taste the garden. Imagine this as if every molecule is hugging you back.

Believe that you touch the world as much as you know the world touches you. Get clear on what you want and continually know what you don't want, but spend time on what you really want to attract to you from a place of service and contribution. Perhaps this was the catalyst, an historical marker, to help us remember our true place in the world as co-creators.