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The Disordered Mind: Bringing Balance and Harmony to Your World


If you have read any of my blogs thus far, then you know I espouse the idea that our minds are a supplier of infinite wisdom and power. The conscious mind embodies our loves, intimacies, texture, hopes, dreams and creates strategies, goals and expectations It is the juice of our authentic living. However, saying hello to the conscious mind only occurs about 5% of our days.

What is really running the mind show? We know that our subconscious models of realities, the things we say to ourselves that blocks joy, creativity and authentic living operate center stage about 95% of the time. It pops in whenever we become distracted (television watching, computer surfing, texting, abuse of alcohol, drugs, etc.), or are facing a scene in which fear is greater than the love that we have for ourselves and others.

The beauty lies in understanding how to decrease models of realities from interfering with conscious living,so that we can be free to embrace the infinite palace of possibilities that is our true birthright.

One of the challenges in unleashing the you that is you is to recognize when an old program is playing. Begin to ask yourself a few questions. For example, what labels have been given to you from living a disordered mind? Have you been told that you are bipolar, depression, ADHD, OCD, addicted, workaholic, bulimic, etc? I work with many individuals and when they come in to see me for a session, the first thing they articulate is their label. It is interesting because I never see the label, I only see a being who has chosen from an array of possibilities to manifest a style of expressing pain through a medium of a fear reduction strategies.

Many people that are having these experiences of fear (all disorders come from fear) walk into a psychiatrists office and within 10 minutes are assigned a label and subsequent medication to reduce the effects of the label. By the time people come to people like me they may have been on 5-7 medications and mixtures of medications with the concept presented that the right combination just hasn’t been cornered yet.

There is no medication that will alter a disordered mind. Medications are only capable of suppressing energy, or exciting energy so that a person extinguishes the high, avoids the lows and stays within a comfortable hum.

As you bring more balance and harmony in your world be cautious about what others say you are. Yes, your patterns and behaviors may match what a book catalogs, but browse through all the disorders that can easily be accessed by googling them. You will see that you conveniently overlap with over a dozen. The bottom line is you are experience living and you have come to believe that when things go wrong (your expectation isn’t realized), then there is something wrong with you.

The mind cannot be catalogued. It is always shifting and bringing in insight, awareness, confusion, confluence and meaning.

The real gem of understanding the blocks that you carry is to play detective and ask yourself, what am I afraid of? It is the simplest and most honest approach in self-discovery and yes, most of our fears have been downloaded from images, memories, conversations and models of realities that we have been told or witnessed as infants and children.

For instance, if you grew up in a household in which a parent chose alcohol to numb unhappiness, you then may have copied the pattern, or chosen a partner to replicate the pattern because your subconscious mind may be playing a program that says, “the few times my father interacted with me was when he was drunk.” or “I had to take charge of the household because mother was passed out.” As a result, a person may learn to create intimacy around the absence of another, or be the controller over other peoples’ lives, or even to say “I must prove myself worthy and lovable because if I was lovable father wouldn’t have been unhappy. Therefore, I am never enough.”

It is simply amazing the stories we wield that stem from incongruent thinking and it is equally amazing how our thought energy permeates into all aspects of our cells, memories, bodies and minds.

How to correct the disordered mind.

As you begin to ask yourself, what fears are holding me back? Images will pop up. For instance, as a wanderer and explorer of landscape, I once got into trouble by my father for wandering to a friends house in a snow storm. It seemed perfectly logical to me to enjoy a winter’s walk, but to him my safety was in question. After about a 2 hour walk I could feel his anger and irritation even before I could see the car coming to a halt next to me. At that point I downloaded a model of reality that says, a) don’t disappoint others, b) never venture too far or something bad will happen to you, c) you are selfish.

This is an example of how our subconscious mind takes in a pattern and then that story plays out in daily interactions. As the images pop up, begin the practice of saying, “Even though I have this fear of________(starting a new relationship, taking a test, telling someone the truth, forgiving someone), I deeply love and accept myself.” Continue with…”this fear…this fear that has been holding me back has crippled me, it has taken all of my energy and time and I am tired of being afraid.” At this point, check within your body to see where you feel this. If it’s in your chest, say “this fear that lives in my chest. I can’t breathe, my breath feels cut off, my breath feels wounded, my breath is afraid to exhale and let go.”

As you do this, breathe deeply and say. “I am allowing myself to breathe deeply. I am allowing myself to breath in new possibilities. I am allowing myself to exhale what no longer serves me.”

Now, say “this fear has taken a toll on me. I have kept it close like a warm blanket, but now it is interfering with me wanting _________in my life. I choose to let it go, maybe not all at once, but I can feel my strength coming in. I can sense that I know what to do about____________and it is feeling good now.”

As you go through this process (there are ways to tap this into your meridians…contact me and I can help you with this) begin to sense where in your body you notice any relief, or where you may notice a new image, feeling or heaviness.

The point of this exercise is that your infinite mind has the capacity to create harmony within your body and emotions. You are a team and as a team you are also connected to Source and Oneness. You are never alone on this journey. Again, this is an engrained subconscious pattern that our culture conditions us to believe: that we are separate and are incapable of feeling safe.

Almost every situation and person I encounter in my practice has powerlessness and helplessness at the core. It is not you, per se, we are an intricate part of a much larger web of disempowerment. Learn how to unleash yourself from this web and become liberated into all that you are, and all that is waiting for you.

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