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"If you break it, You own it."

The sign one often sees at Pottery Barn making me nervous that I will break whatever "it" is and pay a fine price for it. When I think about this idea, "if you break it, You own it," then I immediately think about what we are doing as a collective group of humans, growing in numbers toward a massive awakening. You have felt it, haven't you? You have seen it in the media, the bizarre episodes of debates, mud tossing, character degrading behaviors, all in the quest to seek power, status and the answer to the plight of a typical American, whom neither would know if it landed in their laps.

This time around dear friends, we broke it, and yes, we have to own it. This idea that we choose to be led by the metaphoric mother or father, leading us to better world through the same lens we have been led numerous times....back into slavery. Have you not grown weary of this? Doesn't the dark comedy of this routine seem laughable, yet seriously malignant and wrong? What do we fear?

We can only fear what we have been spoon fed to believe, primarily that there isn't enough to go around. We should thank our lucky stars we have jobs! Right?

Come on folks, you have to know these are lies. If we live the way "they" want us to, hungry for some from of healthcare, starving for a good job, terrified of some______(fill in whatever country) fear coming from outside us, then guess what? The only fear happening here is within the US, or within you. Get it?

Do you realize how powerful we are? All of us combined can shift this world in days and months by turning our thoughts toward what we believe we can create. I work with many people who are lighting up to this model of reality that says, "yes, I am in charge of my beliefs." If one person can change a belief and a thought to a new thought, and practice a new behavior (which imprints the thoughts to the subconscious mind), then woo woo, life as one knows it changes. This can be true from weight loss, to overcoming a fear of flying, to creating a bank account of multiple abundance.

This is the big lie that "they" (meaning forces you believe to control you) want us (collectively) to buy into. We know from our viewing of candidates, a deep polarity within the states, not because one outshines the other, but because both are in the lower densities together. Each has their own dragon to slay, but neither have grown the wisdom, the compassionate heart needed to alter reality toward a world where everyone is championed based on talents, gifts and offerings to the collective whole. Yes, this world can really exist. A world in which disease falls by the wayside. Have "they" bothered telling you that a cure for cancer has existed for at least 40 years, that we cal live on zero energy, that most of our history is written with the actual facts removed?

Of course not. If you had known these truths you would have stopped drinking the same tainted juice and praying to the gods of consumerism and fear. Our wake up call has arrived. The internet, banking, having access to cash, having accounts tainted on line, all of it, will shake us up. Please wake up to the voice within you and your thoughts and get out of fear and hatred.

Understand that we are awakening, for the first time, to the reality that our thoughts ARE what manages our world. If you are not convinced, then as I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, pay attention to what you think about, and what happens in your personal life. These are not coincidences. How much of your thinking is living from a fear factor? Literally, count your fear thoughts and your creative thoughts. Want to know the difference? Your fear thoughts repeat, and your life keeps repeating itself. You will look around you and have the same conclusion. Why isn't anything going my way, or working out for me? Why am I in the same icky job and boring relationship? Because YOU created it and you are living with the results of your creation.

How do you end this feedback loop?

You must have a newer, more vibrant thought to replace it with. Then, you must, must create a behavior to convince the thought, and the transmission of feeling to make it happen. Our subconscious mind works with repetition. How do you think we fell asleep to being with? We were lulled into drowsiness through mindless television, media that is owned by large corporations, as well as consumer seductive techniques convincing you to buy to be young, buy to be sexy, buy to be wealthy. When our conscious mind is distracted, guess what? Our subconscious mind gets programmed.

So, this is the big SECRET. Remember the secret? Yes, that's the secret. That everything that you see around you comes from the mind. Don't like it? Change your thoughts, and feelings and you change your reality. You own it.

So, on a expanded level. It is imperative that people come together. We will through our "breaking it" be without a mother ship. This is a time to create solidarity, collaboration and nourishment within your local communities. Hey, I'm up for establishing a supper at six night! (oh, and meat at the bottom of the food pyramid...another reality twister). Let's get together, form partnerships that yank us out of this doom and gloom slippery slope, created by us, and the larger US, and imagine the "grandest version of the greatest vision we ever held about Who We Are ", as Neal Donald Walsch has said.

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