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No ordinary days

Shanti Ishta is a Cherokee saying that means "wisdom of the heart." This is the non-language, can't put into words, purity of moment that speaks through the body, beyond what words could ever convey. Shanti Ishta, in a sense, is the marriage of heart and mind. When we integrate these two essential electromagnetic organs, we transform ourselves from the stance of victim to visionary.

We often live our lives thinking and doing from a state of mind that is running on automatic. We run off multiple programs that have been downloaded from culture, religion, family, teachers and social underpinnings that collect in our DNA. Every time we learn something new it has to go through the neocortex, then it moves into the limbic system, finally replaying learning within the cerebellum. In other words, we take on new learning that we have to transfer to an emotional landscape, finally living in the part of our brain that replays our actions. This combination, just like a well-worn carpet only allows us to do what we already know, and the statements we make to ourselves keep the level of attention on the routine. Nothing new comes in and nothing new happens.

I am sure if you are reading this, you know when you get stuck within the same cycle of sameness. What happens is that we get stuck because our thought statements might be something like, "I feel stuck." Most people don't like this feeling, right? Who likes to feel like they can't figure a way out of a problem? At the same time, the solution reservoir is filled with the same stuck solutions. You see, we haven't entered any new data into our emotional and thought field energy to consider. We loop around the same ferris wheel staying stuck.

Let's multiply this cycle and expand it outward to our global culture. How can we move forward in our human evolution creating new signals and transmissions that get us out of old, habitual programs ? Think about it. This primary issues facing humanity is economics, human conflict and climate. We can't hide from it, out run it, vote a party in who is going to cure it through more jobs, better this and better that.

WE have to face this new reality, one of our collective making, one of our collective madness as well, in the understanding that change comes from marrying the heart and mind as an extraordinary steward through a raging storm. The eye of the heart can pierce any situation because it comes from a deep, inner knowing, a knowing that our native ancestors lived and breathed. They new how to wield mother earth and father sky, they new the song of the raven, and the heart of a river. It starts with moving our minds out of left brain linear- logic and gently allowing for our collaborative spirit to rise. We know that we no longer live in a separatist world. Border and barriers are absurd in a global world. Humans suffer across the street, on the same street, in the same town and region. Borders may exclude others, but that really is an illusion. Since the onset of the internet, we have moved into a universal whole. There is no "them" anymore. We are all in the "in" group.

For centuries we have been embedded in a great lie. This lie was manifested in Darwinian concepts, and told the tale that life was based on competition, survival, and the weak fall by the wayside. None of this could be further from the truth. The truth is life is cooperative, cyclical, organic and breeds from place of mutual aid, not violence, conflict and separation.

This is our time to really awaken. I am amazed at how flammable this polarity in presidential candidates has unfolded. Use this as a time to understand the great polarity, the changes that we have all been through, but will never see again. Say goodbye to old climate patterns, we are in a pattern of constant change, and that is the way it will be. Say goodbye to independent journalist, they live no more in mainstream media. Whatever you watch is skewed, just check in on CNN and FOX, then tell me which story is real. Say hello to awareness, self-responsibility, creating communities, and understanding that you can alter your biological underpinnings with thought alone. Say hello to a new way of healing yourself, using your own authority and not enslaving yourself to outside authorities. What I also find wonderful is the number of people who don't pop the pill because the doctor says so. They go home and research their conditions and situations, they go home and learn to take their power back. They go home and move energy from mind to hear and they ask different questions about illness. For instance, what situation am I encountering that my body is imbalanced? What can I learn from this illness? How can I access the emotional language of my organs and help them heal?

This is the new world and welcome to it. It will be shift for many, but it is essential that we let go of the old ways. The idea of patriotism, nationalism, and ism, just creates more separation, more conflict, more violence. Why do you think these radical terrorist attacks are happening? Who is the big bad wolf? Everyone and No is of our making that we have to fear something. Another conditioned model. Did you know that our habits at consuming goods and services was designed over 40 years ago. We have reduced to machines that participate in the program of production and consumption. Let's get off the wheel. Let's begin imagining the life as we want it. Did you know that has been what we are doing? But, because we haven't practiced imagining-we are magicians at heart, we are living the default program. The default program is, let's wait and see what will come. This is like driving down a road with your foot on the gas pedal and your eyes shut. You want to go, but you don't want to be in charge of knowing where you will end up? And, we sure as hell don't want to crash, but we sabotage all our power by doing this. We trust in the madness and then are surprised that the madmen are here. What did you think we were dreaming up? A benevolent king or queen of the people?

In order for us to create the new world we have to start creating. Create your day, every day. You decide upon waking up what you want to feel, how you want to express and to whom. If you feel overwhelmed, then stop and think about this overwhelm. Why do you feel it? What are you accomplishing by this feeling? To whom does it benefit? Where did it come from? Take charge and take a walk on your lunch break, break the routine, tell the routine it won't have its way with you, you are in charge. Set your intention and be clear about what you want. When you don't know, or you have some down times, then give of yourself, rather than take. Do the opposite. This is how we train our mind to let the heart breathe through.

Remember the times ahead may be bumpy and sometimes uncomfortable, but you knew that, you feel it don't you? Use your time to create, imagine what you cherish and hold dear and send out love, send out compassion and mutual aid to all of those in your path. Be the change.

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