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The Universal Clash: All worlds collide

The Clash wrote "London Calling" in 1979, a woeful tale of the downward spiraling of the planet and the doom is gloom commentary of the world at large. A helplessness is shouted out, and the realization that no one is coming. The illusion of the benevolent father rings no more.

Fast forward, here we are in the summer of 2016 still struggling with what to do, who is going to help stop this madness of violence, war, species decline, and believe it or not, the number one issue is, where is there to live where one can be untouched by pollution, toxins, ozone depletion, environmental disasters, and yes, terrorist acts?

Guess what Nowhere. We are in this together folks. We now are living in a One is All, and All is One consciousness Unity. We always have, however, we lived with illusions of borders and oceans separating us from the "bad" guys, on either side. Remember all the "walls" erected to keep the sides divided. Well, whether walls are real or not, we live in a "here and now" world. The internet has drawn us in to the understanding and awakening that there is NO single event that occurs in separation from the whole.

We have heralded this in as a part of our greater awakening. How else would we realize that Nice, France, or a small town in the middle of nowhere spoke to us through the lens of despair through tragedy, grief and loss?

It has yanked us from the comfortable place of, well, at least things happen way over there...Well, it doesn't anymore. We are conscious creators and we created ourselves a doozy over the last several thousand years or so. We are now brushing up against the collective madness or evil generated from our greatest mistake in our human evolution: that we are separate beings.

If we think in separatism, then we think even that are thoughts contain a privacy to them. They don't. Our thoughts are transforming ourselves and those near us all the time. If you hold anger, refuse forgiveness, cut off people from your life, don't like yourself, hold back your love, refuse to let go of old relationship wounds, hate anyone who isn't like you, judge yourself, judge others....okay, get it? That individual place where these thoughts live, aren't individual, they are transmitting energetically outwardly like a radio tower. What you transmit goes out in ripples and waves and brings back to you the reflection of what you believe is true for you.

We have wars going on within ourselves over the pettiest of things, mostly all things related to the ego self. The ego, as necessary as it is in navigating the material world, it is meaningless when it comes to matters of heart and soul. We yearn for harmony, love and peace, do we not? When you see an infant, do you no smile and fill love pouring out from you? When you see a puppy, a beautiful sunrise, or hold a loved one in your arms, do you not fill with joy, and a love language beyond your vocabulary?

The only way we are going to get out of this mess we have all fully participated in, mostly unconsciously, but we still have to accept full responsibility, nonetheless, is to do two things:

1). Use the most valuable tool I have been shown to erase conditioned programs, clear ourselves of wrongdoing, correct the path and forgive ourselves along the way, is to say these 4 sentences:

I love you

I am sorry

Please Forgive me

Thank you

I love you-I am loved unconditionally. I exist and will always exist. I am sorry-I didn't know that I was a part of this collective group. I thought I was separate. I am sorry for holding on to outdated patterns of anger. Please Forgive Me-I didn't understand. I didn't know that I affected the whole, and I didn't know I was affected by the Whole. Thank you-for giving me the awakening time and time again so that I can reach the deeper part of me to heal. And as I heal, others heal, we all heal and create a new version of reality. One in which violence is cleared and harmony is restored.

Say those 4 phrases all the time. It will help you let go of what you are negatively attracting to you, and will help you replace with a love for yourself and all humanity.

On the larger scale, when events do occur, and many are because we are at a cosmic tipping point. We are washing way the debris of our pent up anger and allowing it to erupt before it can clear. So, thank this for happening, even though it's painful. If we extend prayers for the suffering, and getting together in groups, or using the internet to channel positive healing does help, we can then begin and expand our transmissions to that of powerful loving vibrations.

The clash is happening because our physical reality and quantum reality are moving at accelerated rates. What used to take weeks to understand, or weeks to process, are happening so fast that we can't seem to keep up. This accelerated sense of time is also an integral part of frequency shifting.

It is a time of great clashing with much more in store. So, let's get this healing going. As always, if you need assistance, feel free to email

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