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Words confirm the life you are living

Do you listen to yourself? Do you hear the words, or vibrational language that directs your actions? I am a listener by nature. I listen to streams, movement of the wind waving through a corn field, the flapping of a crow's wings, my cat snoring, my breath and my own words. I listen to the emotional resonance in others, and within myself. Just beneath the layer of words is the emotional landscape. Words and emotions are linked inseparably as emotions feed the words.

My words carry an attitude, a belief and perception of how I see myself. My words can limit me if they are framed in a way of judgment, anger, frustration and disappointment. my emotional landscape. On the other hand, my words can open up space, carve out greater understandings and allow me to see the whole essence of the expanded me, the unlimited me who is always experiencing and manifesting.

The words we use to describe our experience carry a certain weight. If one describes herself as stuck, then the vibrational message that one hears is "nothing is happening in my life." "I hate feeling stuck." The words, then, serve the purpose of confirming the life you are currently living. Words evoke a feeling, and feelings evoke words. It is an interchange that then serves to validate one's attitude toward life in the moment.

Think what words you choose to describe yourself. Are they loving, kind and supportive? Or are they harsh, abrasive and critical? Do you allow yourself words that truly state how you feel? For example, if you are feeling contentment, what words would best state your experience? Something like, "I sense a more contented me and I really like this."

Words resonate a sound vibration. I know of many gurus in the field of healing, and new age wisdom that suggest it is not the words, it is the vibration that matters. I would challenge this by saying that words are vibration. If you say to yourself, " I love the me I am becoming." or you say to yourself, "Why can't I ever get anything right?" Which message would your prefer for yourself? The vibrational language has a certain density or weight to it. Always reach for the lighter feeling and words combined. For example, if you are feeling disappointment in not getting the job you thought was going to be offered to you, perhaps state to yourself the truth first, "I am feeling all this disappointment," but then stop there. Don't go on about what you said or did wrong at the interview, or how you'll never get the job you want, just stop. Because if you go further down the emotional scale, your words will push you down further. Instead, move up the emotional scale to, "well, even if I didn't get that job, at least I don't have to move, or even, " I feel unsure about my future, but it always works out for me." Avoid using negativity to push yourself forward. If only______I would have or should have tried harder.

It's a strange phenomena, but negativity never motivates. If you are motivated based on negative beliefs, you will only work to prove something, sort of like being in competition with yourself, but you will never feel satiated or fulfilled. The reason this happens is because the words one feeds her or himself contain the beliefs beneath the words. See how this works. Your words are your beliefs about your reality. If you want to change your reality, you must first listen to the language of words you are using throughout the day. The inner voice we talk to all day, every day, contains clues and details of how you view yourself. Begin a dialogue, or write down your thoughts on a page and let yourself ramble. Notice the nature of your thinking. You would be surprised how little most people really know themselves. They know their preferences, should I have chocolate or vanilla ice cream, but most people have a disconnection relationship with their internal language.

When I use acupressure tapping on any beliefs I have created that limit me or create within me a feeling of anxiety or some fear, then I acupressure tap on the words I am saying to myself. In those words, such as "I have all this fear that it won't be enough." And, if I am honest with myself about those fears, then I can address the words, because I know deep inside I have made them my authority and my reality.

The trick here is changing the words. When you change the words to, something like "even though I have all of this fear that it won't be enough, I have overcome this situation and have thrived, and excelled. " "The universe brings back to me exactly what I send out, and I choose to send out my preferences of great things always are happening with me." In tapping, of course, it is essential you tap on the major 12 meridians, however, even if not tapping, getting in touch with the real issues beneath the many layered you will help you discover your limiting beliefs.

If I say these words, and I truly believe them (you must believe them), then I know that my reality, which I am continually and always co-creating, are serving up the universal soup and supporting my life path. The words I use tell me this is so. When you use words and don't believe them, it is important to exercise what the belief you carry and really look at it. How does this belief serve you? Is it even your belief? Or, did someone else give it to you?

Our life path is a sum total of thought energy, including the words we are using to define our reality. Yes, there are many additional realities, vibrations and frequencies outside of our awareness, and we can, with deep mindfulness access some of these, but for now, only focus on what you are creating.

The invitation here is to practice what you say. Really for one day monitor what you say out loud and in your inside voice. Do they match up? Does one voice dominate? If so, which one and when?

What words would you like to say that confirms the reality you want for yourself? Practice these words, hear the emotion beneath them and understand that you have the capacity to shift your vibrational language toward the you that you have imagined becoming. For when you do this, you become this. It only takes a short time. Also, listen to what words other individuals are using around you? Do they reflect some portion of your language and feelings? Are they in contrast to what you feel and know to be true for you? Do they contain words that create feelings of limitation or guilt in you, or do you feel energized by their words?

Words are the gateway to the soul. With words, we can access the deeper vibrational material that can direct our path in a more harmonic way. With words, we can access the even deeper emotional tones that can keep us stuck or feeling unworthy or unlovable. Get to know your emotional landscape. Know it well, and it can serve you well. Practice choosing words that shift your vibration to a lighter feeling. For instance, find words of gratitude, graciousness, respect, honor and reverence. This puts you immediately into a more receptive mode. The receptive mode is a powerful channel for hearing the vibrational language of your soul.

The uplifting experience this teaches is that we are free to change ourselves and are not stuck within a framework of helplessness. In addition, it empowers people to understand that there is no such thing as being a prisoner of mental dis-ease or that one is a mass blob of chemicals that get imbalanced. These are portrayed myths which I will speak to in the next blog.

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