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Happiness is a Choice

Have you ever found yourself living your life through a default mechanism that I just refer to as "waiting for happiness?" Do you make statements to yourself that reflect the idea that happiness will show up after you finish college, get the perfect job, find the right partner, lose weight or win a race? We tend to place the carrot of happiness at the end of the stick, and think, well, maybe, after all these things show up, or I perform them, accrue them or am validated by another, surely, then I will be happy.

We chase the tail of the illusion of happiness as if it came from some source outside ourselves? Happiness, however, is an inside and internal dialogue with the deep interior self. Happiness is a vibration. It is a frequency that broadcasts joy, laughter, balance, harmony and bliss. It is the transmitter that says, it doesn't matter what negative things occur in my life, because I won't see them as negative. They are just occurrences, or circumstances. My state of mind is at zero, and when I am at zero, the meadow of bliss, than circumstances are irrelevant.

It is trendy to say that "we create our own reality," but we really do. If your version of reality states that you carry a belief that says, " I am only happy when_________, or I am only happy if" and I will never settle for anything less than my plans of happiness, then you set yourself up to chase the proverbial tail of the dragon. You will never catch it, and if you only touch it briefly, you will spend your days looking for that next moment of glory.

We are happiness addicts. Everyone has had a feeling of joy, being in flow, or experiencing such deep held passion of what he or she loves to do. Fall in love with yourself. Really, it's the central core of happiness. We fall out of bliss, or the vortex, or alignment and we will. All you have to do is remember the feeling of your highest joy and you will walk right back into the vortex. It's always there waiting for you.

Our mind is a holograph of the expansive universal mind. It is an intelligent mind, and it's job is to reflect back to you what you put into it. It's all a mirror. If you put fear, scarcity, panic and anxiety into the universal mind vortex, what do you think will reflect back to you. All that you have placed there. If you put blame, feeling victimized by early traumas, seeing yourself as incapable of leaving your past, then you will literally draw to you the reflective themes in your life of more trauma, more blame, more victimization. So, yes, you create your reality and you can create a version of yourself that reflects your true nature.

What is your true nature? Where you lose yourself in moments of bliss, where you surrender expectations and live moment by moment. This is what it means to be present. Happiness is a present state of mind, no programs are running. It is the zero point. It is where inspiration calls you and you can't refuse the call. It's that moment where you just know what to do and you don't even think twice that by following your joy and heart, that can be the only thing that matters.

You can clear fears and anxieties, discord and depression by understanding that it's only your limitations that you have created within your mind (mostly subconscious mind) that holds you back.

The easiest way is to begin acting on your excitement in the moment, every moment given the choices you are given. Your body is your barometer. It tells you what you love by wanting to act. Action is your body's response to your highest desire. In the moment, between washing dishes and petting your cat, pick the experience that you feel the greatest level of excitement period. That's all you have to do.

This is the process of getting you to zero point, or the vortex, or alignment (all names for flow or bliss). When you follow this recipe, your vibration will begin to shift. You will notice glimmers of happiness coming through you and from you. You will notice that you will care a little bit less about how you arrive at things in life. For instance, if you have a goal you are working to achieve, you may observe that your vibration is fulfilled within the desire and is less attached to the result.

This means that your wants and desires will become clearer to you. You are following your unique and true magnetic north. No one else is you, ever. When you feel resistance, it just means your off track. Getting off track is common and will happen. You will drop out of the vortex when you have self-doubt, meaning you are not listening to your own authority (higher mind) and are listening to a voice outside you (an external authority). Perhaps by learning that happiness is internal and a choice, and you now know that you want to change a career or move somewhere else, external voices will try to help you see reason. Well intended people show up in our lives (because we put them there) to act as the questioner of our choices.

When this happens, and it will, remember it is you that called them to you because some part of you is doubting. This means your out of the vortex. Once again just repeat the pattern. Find what is your highest joy, given the choices before you, and pick one. Every time you do this you will fall in the vortex again and off you go.

The reason happiness is believed to be an event that happens outside ourselves is through hundreds of years of conditioning on social, cultural and religious levels. We have been well trained to think we should not, cannot, or everyone has it, but me. So, we are collectively shedding layers of subconscious data, originally designed to keep happiness over there, a reward for something earned, or only for those people who had money, better genetics, or whatever.

Say after me. I will be happy because that's what I want to be. I am happy because that is my natural vibration. I love being happy because it represents my true nature. When I am happy, I allow others to let go of any limitations to their happiness. As I learn to love my happiness, I serve others to my highest and best.

Be happy!

Blessings on your journey!


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