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Quantum Realities

The train tracks near my new 1800 year old stone home. I have found it surreal, to say the least, how history seems to collide with present day. What may have once been felt several hundred years ago, still is alive today. For instance, I hear the distant sound of a train whistle and even though I have never lived through an era dependent on trains, I find myself amping up some level of excitment to go see the train. I trek across the divided 2-lane road, really a stone's throw and saunter down to watch the train, as if it contained someone of royalty, or a months supply of food.

As I walk, listen and look, something in me feels like its melding into another time, another place, another life, yet the sound, smells and appearance seems constant. Are we moving through memories, hopping universes, visiting parallel realities, or is it just a play of imagination?

Dreams often reflect the deepest crevices of soul memory, soul work, subconscious connections to a self seeping in the depths of a dark, milky tea, wanting to know if these connections are true, accurate, or a display of an active mind. What do you dream? We can go to sleep after a long day of downloading data from our minds, from our life at a work, unfinished business within our relationships, but how many dig a little deeper. How many turn the miner's lamp on an descend another 100 feet into the dark? Within this space lies a great deal of insight, keys to unlocking mysteries of your life, portals and corridors to the greater you, the you that senses that something is missing.

lately, my dreams feels mulitlayered, like multiples streets coming together at an intersection, and somehow everyone crosses without contact, somehow the dreams are dancing and moving without touching each other in the here and now. Yet, each frame feels like an epic film. Each frame has significant meaning to the whole, but it is slightly beyond comprehension. Where are the cliff notes?

As we move further into 2016, 2017 and all the way to 2020 this reflection that I am sharing may become a common conversation. You may notice and please share if you do, that you are walking in multiple worlds simutaneously. Perhaps there is a you that is going to school, a you that is walking a mountain out west, a you that has started a family, a you that is living off the grid, all versions of you. Who is the you? The you is the one here. The other versions of you are probable realities. If you imagine it, and so it is. As we move through this very expansive period where you may feel pulls to the past, a pull to venture toward past realities (even though they are occuring in the now), somehow you will glean what you need to know to create a sense of holism now. You may have to go back (or so it may seem) to get the treasure you feel is missing now, the treasure chest that holds the gifts to what you may need for this venture.

Within this treasure chest are the soul companions that have joined you now. You will recognize her or him as there will feel a resonance of familiarity, an acceptance, a lightness, an unconditional love. Many of your interactions will go deeper, quicker. Artifical words and politeness will fall to the side. Public approval will mean very little, so being the authentic you will become the normal. The new normal is to be.

For many of you, you may show an interest in past life regression, past life channeling, or you may start to channel subconscious and unconscious material. Please do, and write it down or record it. You will see patterns in what you say, patterns in what you do, and patterns on who comes and goes in your life. Pay attention.

The unfolding will continue to wake everyone up. It's not a race or a competition, but everyone will wake up. What is the waking up? The simplest statement is to remember that you are free, you always have been, but forgot. Our communities, our planet, our loved ones and the loving being that you are has much to offer, and it starts with the one, then the next and so forth. It's alreay happening. When you daydream, or drive and drift off, or your mind just wanders while walking, or just upon wakening, you may feel the presence of another energy with you. You are not crazy or making this up. We are surrounding each other with such a vital, loving, vibrant force of positivity, shaking the cobwebs out of the worn, dusty path of oppression, and, each moment that you feel this presence, smile.

You are awakened. Once awakened, even though it can feel challenging, lonely, isolated, or defeated, you are not. Too many are experiencing this. The down is only fleeting. The trick is to truly enjoy your life, all of it. Not just weekends, or after 6 p.m., but all of it. You, my friend, are creating it. If you don't like your experience, create a new one. Learn what you need, surrender and move on to the next highest, loving experience.

Do not spend time upstream in negativity. It serves no one. Go downstream, always. Pick a positive, inspired thought and follow it. You want to bake something, bake. You want to call a friend, call. You want to write, write. Just do what comes to mind in the moment that provides the highest and best choice.

This is how you move within the quantum world. You are it. There is nothing outside you that isn't a reflection of your inner mind. Change your inner mind, watch what happens. Remember that all is a reflection and collective agreements that we have created with each other. We can change our agreements. If we feed victms, we create victims. If we feed monsters, they get bigger. If we feed peace...what do you think we get? If we feed abundance in any form it takes, what do you think will happen. Negativity will not change this world to being the world of peace and love. Only like attracts like.

Dream, pay attention, journal and seek what you need to find. The treasure is there for you to discover.

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